A lawyer sought out a 90yr old lady who agreed to give him her apartment if he paid her $500 each month for the rest of her life

It doesn’t seem that bad, you might say. People lose millions because of bad choices. But if you’re the 120 year old woman on the winner’s side of the deal, you probably won’t think whether this is right and wrong.

A French man, Andre-Francois Raffray, once tried to outsmart Jeanne Calment. Jeanne, then 90, had been offered for around $500 a month until her death if she would let Mr. Raffray inherit her apartment after the end of her lifespan. Of course, she accepted the offer.

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But life sometimes works in mysterious ways. Raffray died at age 77, losing more than $184, 000 on this deal without ever having the luxury to inhabit Jeanne’s apartment, since the old lady outlived him. At the age of 120 she still got to live in her home and kept receiving around $500 a month from Raffray’s widow, who was obliged to keep sending a monthly check. More so, in case Jeanne outlived the widow, too, Raffray’s children and grandchildren would have to keep sending the check!

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