Did You Know That Pamela Anderson Was Canada's First…


The Canadian Centennial was a really special holiday in Canada’s history. On July 1, 1967 the country celebrated it’s 100th Anniversary since it’s independence had been proclaimed. The whole year was filled with all sorts of celebrations that eventually peaked on July 1st also known as Dominion Day.


As peculiar as this may sound this is not the only occasion for celebration. At least not for Pamela Anderson anyway. The Baywatch star was born exactly at 4:08 on the morning of July 1, 1967. This fact makes the bombshell Pam Canada’s first Centennial baby.

The start of Pamela’s life began in a small city called Ladysmith located on Vancouver Island. Local citizens describe it as faith that Ladysmith’s Centennial baby happened to become Canada’s most popular and familiar face in the whole world. Not only that but Pamela is also being considered to be Hollywood’s most influential Canadian up to date.


Recently Pam Anderson appeared on the TV series of the British reality show Dancing On Ice. Unfortunately she and her partner  Matt Evers were the first ones to be voted off the show due to a couple of missteps during their performance.


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