Samsung could present bendable smartphones in 2017

According to official reports, Samsung could present its very first bendable (a.k.a. foldable) smartphones as early as February 2017!

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The tech giant has been working on a secret project, named Project Valley, which is focused on the manufacturing of bendable or foldable smartphones with OLED screens.

The OLED technology has been around for quite a while. Devices made with OLED screens are quite flexible and can bend in tremendous ways without actually damaging the screen. Back in 2005 Samsung announced its very first OLED TV and the largest OLED TV at that point. The company also used the bendable matter on their laptop screens and eventually hinted that they could put it to good use in ultra-thin phones. Not so long ago Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Round prototype, which showcases the way an OLED screen can be fully functional because of its bendable properties.

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And now the company is about to reveal two bendable smartphones at the Mobile World Congress, which is set to take place in Barcelona, Spain, in February 2017. The super thin smartphones will come in two different versions – a “flip phone” and a phablet, which resembles a book and can be unfolded from a 5-inch screen into an 8-inch display. The fully bendable phones will be presented in February 2017, but there’s no word on when Samsung will place them on the market for mass consumption. It’s not clear exactly how far the company has gone into the production phase and when the two prototypes will become more than just prototypes. The reports state that neither of the two new phones will be part of the Galaxy S series.

Apart from the bendable smartphones, Samsung is also rumored to release its Note 7 instead of Note 6, thus skipping a number for the Galaxy Note smartphones.

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