Google’s co-founder is building flying cars in secret

Everybody’s questioning one of Google’s co-founders, Larry Page, and his alleged secret funding into companies, which are building flying cars.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

The 43 year old entrepreneur, co-founder of Google and current CEO of Alphabet, has been making headlines lately over the suggestions that he has been building flying cars in secret of the public eye. Page has reportedly donated more than $100 million to a start-up company, named Zee Aero. The company in question is based in Silicon Valley, California, US, and for all we know, they are trying to manufacture flying vehicles. Their website states that they are handling stuff like aerodynamics, electric propulsion, aeroacoustics, aircraft designs, and on top of it all – “a revolutionary new form of transportation”. Apart from funding this particularly secretive company, Google’s co-founder has also been contributing funds to another similar company, named Kitty Hawk. The second company is also a start-up and it also specializes in the aviation and aerospace branch. While Larry Page’s representatives haven’t addressed the rumors that he’s indeed building such flying vehicles in secret, it’s quite possible the 43 year old entrepreneur and the rest of us will not be driving a flying car soon.

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Unfortunately, there are numerous issues when it comes to flying vehicles for personal usage. There are many barriers and tons of insurmountable regulations to overcome before we can even start dreaming of operating on a flying car in the near future. The cost of such luxuries, the aircraft control, the safety, the automation systems and the technology are just some of the basic hurdles, which need to be cleared out. Flying cars sound super cool and futuristic, but unfortunately, at this point they are nothing more than a dream – even if one of the biggest Internet entrepreneurs believes in it.

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