This app allows you to read a Harry Potter book in under an hour

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A new app, called Spritz, allows its users to read so fast that you can basically finish a Harry Potter book in less than an hour!

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Spritz is an innovative app, which basically helps the user read faster. How can this be possible? Traditional reading requires moving your eyes and running around the sheet of paper or digital document. Not only that, but it also requires pauses so that your brain can fully analyze the written information. The Spritz app removes the unnecessary eye movement by showing up only a single word on the screen at a time. The words show up one at a time on the tiny screen and each word has a specific pointer, which marks one of the letters in each word in read. The technique used in the black and red color code and the single streaming of each word is exactly what makes Spritz such a hit. On top of it all, you can easily set the speed of reading manually. You can opt for any speed in between 250 words a minute to the whopping 1,000 words in a minute! In other words, you can read your Harry Potter books in just a few hours! The longest book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, is nearly 257,000 words, which means that by using the Spritz app you can finish it in several hours! The first book in the series is almost 77,000 words, so you can read it in about an hour.

Unfortunately, the super-sonic speed reading, which the application allows, isn’t as beneficial as it seems. After all, our brains do need some pauses here and there in order to fully analyze and comprehend the information our eyes have read.

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