Ed Sheeran Was Hit By A Car While Riding His Bike

Image Source: Instagram | @teddysphotos

Ed Sheeran, one of the most popular singers in the world, was rushed to hospital after an accident in London. While he was riding his bike, as usual, he was accidentally hit by a car.

Fans started praying for him.

Image Source: Instagram | @teddysphotos

After hearing the bad news, his fans started to pray for him. One of the biggest fans even said his music is filling his heart’s cracks and hoped that the singer will be ok and recover fast.

Ed’s upcoming tour will start with a performance in Taipei,¬†Taiwan on Sunday, continue in Osaka, Japan and finally will go to play in the United Arab Emirates. We hope his tour won’t be canceled.

Just to remind that Sheeran became famous for the song “Thinking Out Loud,” which was streamed millions of times in 2014.

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Good news for his condition

Image Source: Instagram | @teddysphotos
| Twitter | @mailimson

Fortunately, “The Shape of you” performer got away only with a broken arm and minor injuries.

The 26 years-old singer posted a photo with his arm with gypsum and wrote he is waiting for consultation about his upcoming shows. He also said to his fans to stay tuned for further news.
Unfortunately, he is right-handed (his broken hand), so there is a slight chance he won’t be able to play guitar for a while.

The best news is he is ok, so we hope he will recover soon and continue with his upcoming shows.

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