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This Guy Got Rejected By 5,000 Women On Facebook

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A Serbian guy has to be the biggest Facebook romantic duffer of all times after he got rejected 5,000 times on the social media.

Predrag Jovanovic from a town near Belgrade, Serbia, was so frustrated about his single status that he couldn’t take it no more. Since most of the women in his town were grandmothers or married ones, he thought his option was to find a partner on the web. And instead of using the good old dating websites Jovanovic decided to use the one site everybody else uses in this day and age – Facebook.

The man started playing a numbers game on the social media, but found out that it wasn’t such a good idea – he got rejected by everyone. And everyone means 5,000 women. Jovanovic sent out requests and messages to nearly 5,000 women on the social media asking every single one if she want to be his girlfriend and most of them gave him a total ignore. Only 15 females decided to politely turn him down.

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Despite the 5,000 rejections Jovanovic hasn’t lost hope yet. He doesn’t really care that he may end up with a record for “The most rejected man on earth”. He just want to fin his soulmate, because being 30+ years old and living alone is very bad. He also said that talking to women online is a lot easier than talking face to face. The main reason he chose Facebook is, because he is very shy.

In an interview he said that women shouldn’t be afraid of meeting him and going out with him, because he is a nice and romantic guy. He wants the first meeting to take place in a public restaurant or a place chosen by the woman he will meet. He said that he is also worried about himself, that’s why he prefer public places, so he can avoid bad things from happening.

According to the man, being ignored was worse than being rejected. However, he’s not going to give up on his search just yet.

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