Frozen In Time – 13 People Who Were Found Completely Preserved

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When we die, our bodies begin the decomposition process immediately. We as a species are no longer in the habit of mummifying our dead, so it’s inevitable that eventually, we end up as just bones, fingernails, and hair left in a casket.

This is just a part of life. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, as they say.

But, what happens when someone loses their life in a very cold climate? Or without anyone noticing? Sometimes, they become preserved inadvertently, and even decades later look pretty much as they did in life. There is even one still living on this list, frozen in time in a more figurative fashion.

These are 13 examples preserved people from around the world.

1. Lovely Mummy

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In 2003, archaeologists uncovered a Chinese mummy. She was so well preserved that even her eyelashes looked perfect. She was actually lovely, which is a weird thing to say about someone who is many years deceased. She was thought to be the leader of her village due to the style of hat she wore.

Her body, buried in a wooden boat, was 100s of years old. The herbs she was buried with were still in her resting place.

Nothing is really known about her, but it is amazing that she was found so well preserved.

2. Man in a Hole

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There is a man who is referred to as the last tribes man and he is definitely frozen in time. In 1996 he was spotted in an Amazon rainforest. He constructs straw houses over holes in the ground and lives in them, moving from place to place.

He never stays in one hole for long. When people have tried to speak to him, he has become violent. He is afraid of being forced into modern life, according to the experts.

3. Siberia

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Archaeologists are attempting to figure out the origins of a woman and child that were extracted from under the ice in Siberia. Their bodies were covered in materials such as copper to help the preservation process.

In Siberia, the average temperature is -5 Celsius (23 F), but it gets much colder than that at times. Obviously, this helped to keep the bodies well preserved. That’s good for the people working on obtaining genetic and forensic testing of the woman and child.

It will be neat to find out where they are from and if they were a part of a whole civilization buried under the icy surface of Siberia.

Written by Amanda Johnson

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