Guy Sends Most Savage Text Ever To Former Driving Instructor After Passing The Test

Image Source: Daniel Parker

A college student in Corby decided to put his former driving instructor in place using a hurtful message and a contemptuous photo.

Daniel Parker, 19, had received between 70 and 80 driving lessons from Clive his instructor; he had even booked his driving test. However, just four days before the test was to be taken, Clive decided he would not let Daniel use his vehicle.

Tests can cost as much as 75 pounds.

Daniel managed to find another instructor and pass his test. He then decided to give Clive the middle finger—literally. He sent Clive a picture of himself with his middle finger up on one hand, and a driving certificate in his other hand.

Image Source: Twitter

He wrote a rather unpleasant thing using a bit of foul language. Basically, Daniel thinks that Clive should have let him use the car and doesn’t much care for Clive’s reputation.

When speaking about the incident, Daniel said that he took between 70 and 80 lessons with the guy, which he knows is too many. Clive then apparently told Daniel he was ready to take the test, but then told him four days before the test was supposed to happen that Daniel could not use his car; Clive also said that he would not drive Daniel to the testing center.

He ended up doing a search and called up several driving instructors. He found one who would let him do the test in his car after a brief test, which went well. Daniel used the new instructor’s car and passed the test. That’s when he sent the message that he did to Clive.

Daniel, an engineering student, felt as if he was ripped off—he was therefore annoyed that he was told he could not use Clive’s car, despite being told six weeks earlier that he was ready to take the test.

To his surprise, Daniel quickly became something of a social media star; his response to the matter received over 56,000 likes and was retweeted roughly 15,000 times.

Image Source: Daniel Parker

Baylee Magee, a friend of Daniel’s, describes Daniel as a character; Baylee is the one who posted Daniel’s messages to Clive on Twitter.

test ad

Baylee claims that as soon as she saw the message—initially sent via group chat—she knew it would go viral. She told Daniel that it would.

Baylee says that it is a shame that driving instructors try to milk as much money as possible; Daniel’s response shows that people all over are getting ripped off.

Apparently being messed with by a driving instructor happens more than one might think; the experience certainly resonated with people on Twitter. One user wrote that there are roughly 10 million driving instructors to whom the message needs to be sent.

One user seemed a bit concerned for Clive, saying that he’s probably a bit scared and devastated.

Other users seemed to think that Daniel actually resembled a young Brad Pitt and focused on that.

Image Source: Daniel Parker

One Twitter user wrote that the whole system is just a big way of making money; from the day you apply for a provisional permit until the day you pass, you’re paying money. That user seems to be convinced that—in certain cases—the fails are strategic.

Driving lessons are quite expensive on average. Lessons cost about 50 pounds for 2 hours. The theory test costs 23 pounds. The practical costs about 75 pounds.

Daniel is apparently always looking for funny things to do—and then doing them—so it is likely we’ll hear more from him in the future.

For those readers that do not live there, the rules in the United Kingdom state that you have to be over the age of 17 in order to get a license to drive. At first, a provisional license is issued. That restricts the holder of the license in the sense that they must be accompanied by a driver over the age of 21 who has had a full license for over three years. The holder of the provisional license is not allowed to drive on motorways.

While many foreign driving licenses allow one to drive in the United Kingdom, they must be exchanged for a UK license after one year.

Written by Nick Martin

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