It is believed that Apple slows down your old iPhone, because they want you to buy the new one

Image Source: TUMBLR

Apple purposefully slows down their old products so that they can cheat you into buying the new ones. Or at least that’s what everybody thinks.

Image Source: TUMBLR

Rumors have started flying around the web that the tech giant has been slowing down their old products on purpose in a desperate attempt to make Apple users buy the new stuff.

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A few years ago some people started speculating that the company might be messing around with older products each time a new one was about to hit the market. So, a Harvard grad named Laura Trucco decided to conduct a research on the subject and to prove if Apple were really guilty of these accusations. She carried out an extensive Internet study and analyzed lots and lots of data. As it turned out, most of the Internet searches that involved slowed down Apple products were carried out within six months of the launch of newer products. Laura also did a research on Samsung’s Galaxy products just to be sure. There was no connection between malfunctioning or lagging older Samsung products and the launch of new ones.

Furthermore, ever since Laura’s research many experts have spoken out regarding the issue. By the looks of it, Apple is releasing new operating systems, new patches, new software updates, and so on shortly (approximately in a 6 month period) before they launch a new product. All of these modifications and updates actually mess around with the older product and make it slower on purpose. In other words, the company is deliberately cheating you into buying their new stuff by messing with your older tech toys.
Shockingly enough, this crazy policy doesn’t regard only iPhones. The company is purposefully targeting its other products, like the iPads, as well.

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