Man Sends Woman Invoice For Their First Dinner Date

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A woman, for lack of a better term, “ghosted” a man. She allegedly did not think they were compatible. She clearly had no interest in pursuing a relationship with the guy, so she decided not to answer his texts.

She posted an invoice for roughly $40 she received from the man a few weeks after a dinner date. Her name is Amanda Burnett. She is 23-years-old, and she is from Indianapolis.

She shared the photo of the invoice she received from the unnamed man using Instagram and Twitter. There was an itemized list of the food she ate as well as the drinks she consumed. The prices were listed.

Using her social media accounts, Amanda wrote that the guy mailed her a bill, adding that you can’t “make this s**t up”.
The young woman was clearly upset about the invoice; however, surprisingly enough, social media was sort of torn regarding the whole situation. The argument was definitely made by many that she should pay for her food and drink if she didn’t feel the relationship was going anywhere and also did not take the time to tell her date that.

After Amanda’s date sent her the invoice, he texted to tell her that she had better pay up—he threatened she might have to pay a penalty, and he also said she might be referred to a collection agency. Her response was to tell him to f**k off.

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According to the invoice, Amanda and her date had dinner at an establishment called “The Tap”. It is a brewery and restaurant in Indianapolis.

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Amanda had two drinks at the establishment, which is known for its beers. It has over 400 beers on tap. According to the invoice, one of the beers she ordered costs $10. She also drank a Moscow Mule; the establishment has its own version of the drink, which is known as The Bramble Mule.

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She was also billed $14.50 for the barbeque pulled pork tacos she ordered. They may have been a special that evening, as they are not on the establishment’s official menu.

Amanda was also “charged” for sales tax and a “processing fee”. The date even charged her for postage.
The total bill came to $39.52.

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The restaurant at which Amanda and her date dined actually retweeted her story.

Many social media users felt as if the date was in the right. One user actually encouraged the date to send Amanda to collections if she does not pay. Another user accused Amanda of having no morals and looking for a free meal because she could not afford to pay for one on her own.

One person pointed out that the date probably wasn’t actually looking to get money from her, adding that she should have had the decency to text him that the relationship was not going to work out.

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A user named Interista was a big fan of the processing fee on the invoice. A user named Tammy commented on the fact that the invoice number was “69”.

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Another one of Amanda’s critics argued that the guy had every right to try to make her pay for a meal if she did not text him back.

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One user posted that many girls expect guys on dates to pay for everything.

There were those on social media who defended Amanda, however. One person said the whole situation depends on how the date went. For all anybody knows, the date could have been a complete jerk. She could have been a complete jerk, too. You don’t really know until you hear both sides of the story.

The user said that you take chances when you are dating. In a way, they were both in the wrong.

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Amanda ended up deleting her original tweet after all of the criticism she received; she has also set her user account to private.

However, before Amanda removed herself from the situation, she did comment on it. After being critical of her critics, she pointed out that a woman is not required to give a man anything in exchange for an inexpensive dinner.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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