10 Examples of Parents Who Sought Vigilante Justice For Their Children

As we all know, the world is a scary, dangerous, and unfair place. As adults, we come to accept the harsh realities of life; however, parents often have a hard time accepting those truths when their children are involved, and most parents are always worried about the safety of their children.

When a person’s child is assaulted in some fashion, it is a parent’s worst nightmare.

Generally, parents are content to let the legal system deal with the person or people who hurt their kid, but that is not always the case. After all, justice is not always swift, and sometimes the legal system fails their child.

Therefore, at times, parents decide to seek vigilante justice. Here are 10 examples of parents who did just that.

1. Lori Palmer

In the fall of 2000, Lori Palmer’s friend Kaylee Phillips revealed that her husband Scott Phillips had been having sexually explicit chats on the internet with an underage girl. Lori was understandably concerned because her daughter Eden had spent the night at the Phillips home on several occasions. Eden was twelve years old in 2000.

Lori asked Eden about Scott, as she wondered if he had ever hurt her. It turns out he had indeed hurt her. Eden revealed that Scott molested her several times when she was just eight years old.

Palmer, who just happened to be a retired police officer, went to law enforcement. Police told her to make a report and then wait for law enforcement to act. Palmer, however, was concerned that Scott was a danger to other young girls—including his own daughters.

Palmer left the police station and picked up Scott within an hour. She interrogated him while driving down the highway at about 80 miles per hour. She then parked in a remote field and told him to remove his clothing.

Scott confessed, saying he was a “very sick man”. He admitted to molesting Eden, and he would later repeat that confession to the police. He pleaded guilty to the charge of felony fondling, and he would end up spending four years in prison.

However, Palmer was also arrested because of making a criminal threat. She pleaded guilty and received 12 months of probation.

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2. A Mob of Angry Parents Against Marcelo Fabian Pecollo

In 2010, Marcelo Fabian Pecollo was sentenced to decades in prison due to molesting children under the age of five.

He was first arrested when the mother of a four-year-old girl accused him of molesting her daughter.

Marcelo was supposed to serve 30 years, but the sentence was reduced, and he ended up serving only four years. He was released in 2014.

After he was released, Marcelo joined an orchestra. He was a trumpeter. In 2016, while performing in a church, a bunch of angry parents arrived wearing t-shirts that read “With the children, no!” Those words were something of a rallying cry used by people in the area who were upset by Marcelo’s reduced prison sentence.

The parents shouted that there was a rapist and pedophile in the church and that he was playing in the orchestra.

Marcelo tried to run, but he was chased by the mob and was caught. He was severely beaten. One person in the mob grabbed Marcelo’s trumpet, and it was used to split his head. He actually fell into a coma, and Marcelo would end up dying a month later. Law enforcement was not able to locate the attackers.

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3. Gary Plauche

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The three sons of Gary Plauche attended a karate school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The instructor, Jeffrey Doucet, was particularly interested in one of the sons, Jody, who was 11 years old at the time. This occurred in 1984.

One day, Jeffrey Doucet picked Jody up from the family home, telling Jeffrey’s mother June that they would be back in 15 minutes. After several hours had passed, June started to become very worried. The FBI was alerted.

A week passed, and there were no leads. After ten days had passed, Jody was allowed to call his mom, and the call was traced to a motel in the state of California. Jody was found, and Doucet was arrested. On the plane back to Louisiana, he confessed; Doucet admitted he raped Jody and had also molested other children.

Gary Plauche snapped; according to reports, he heard Jesus, and Jesus was telling him if he didn’t kill Doucet that Doucet would continue harming Jody and other children. Gary Plauche decided to make sure Doucet couldn’t harm children anymore.

He went to the airport were Doucet’s plane was set to land and hid near pay phones. When Plauche spotted Doucet, he fired a gun directly at him. Doucet was hit in the head; he ended up in the hospital and would die from his injuries the next day.

The killing occurred on the 16th of March in 1984. The entire incident was caught on video.

Gary Plauche decided to plead no contest to manslaughter. He received a seven-year suspended sentence, probation for five years, as well as hundreds of hours of community service.

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4. Kenneth Faulkner

Kenneth Faulkner had his suspicions that his daughters—who were four and seven—were being molested. He reported those suspicions to the police in Maury County, Tennessee. A man named Thomas Williams was arrested by officers. He was indicted on two counts of solicitation; he pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to supervised probation for three years.

Faulkner, to put it mildly, was not pleased by the lenient sentence. He thought Thomas Williams should have been put in jail.

The two would later encounter one another; this happened in 2015. Williams apparently smiled and also winked at Faulkner. That is when Faulkner decided to take matters into his own hands. He went to Williams’ home, knocked on the door, and asked Williams why he did what he did to his children. When Williams said that he did not know, Faulkner punched Williams and then pushed him down stairs. As Williams was on the ground, Faulkner punched him at least ten times.

Faulkner ended up being charged with aggravated assault.

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5. Andre Bamberski

Kalinka Bamberski, who was 14 years old, was found dead in her bed by Dieter Krombach, her German stepfather. This occurred in July of 1982. Krombach was a cardiologist, and he allegedly injected her with several substances in order to revive her, but nothing worked. He phoned for emergency services.

Two days later, an autopsy was performed. Krombach was actually present during the examination, as he was a respected member of the community.

Damage to the girl’s vagina was found by investigators during the autopsy, and there was also a whitish substance in the vagina that was not identified. Her genitals were removed during the examination and were never found.

Investigators also noticed the injection mark, and Krombach claimed that he injected her with a supplement designed to help her tan rapidly. He also admitted to giving the French teenager a sleeping pill. However, toxicology tests were not performed. No cause of death was determined.

After reading the autopsy report, Andre Bamberski concluded that his daughter was raped and murdered. He became convinced that Krombach was the culprit, and he pushed for another investigation. That investigation established the injection given by Kromach was the cause of Kalinka’s death.

French investigators summoned Krombach for questioning, but he refused to go to France. He was charged with voluntary homicide and was actually convicted in absentia. However, Germany refused to extradite Krombach because German authorities considered the evidence inconclusive.

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Krombach would spend decades pursuing justice for his daughter. After quitting his job, he spent his savings chasing Bamberski around Europe. After 30 years, he recognized that the statute of limitations would soon be over, so he had to act. He hired three kidnappers, and they ambushed Krombach outside of his home.

After punching him in the face, tying him up, and gagging him, they threw him into the back of their vehicle. They drove 150 miles, crossing the border into France. Bamberski called the police and told them they would find a man tied up across from the customs office. Police arrested Krombach once they learned who he was, and he ended up being sentenced to fifteen years in prison.

Bamberski received a one-year suspended jail sentence as a result of his decision to order the abduction.

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6. Eduardo Gallo

In 2000, 25-year-old Paola Gallo and several friends were at her family’s weekend home, which was in Tepoztlan, Mexico. As they were relaxing there, several armed men broke into the home and terrorized the group of friends for two hours. They stole two cars, jewelry, and clothing. They also kidnapped Paola, demanding a ransom for her return.

Eduardo Gallo put together over $18,000 in cash, and also offered jewelry. He attempted to make the exchange in order to get his daughter back; however, as he did so, a group of men opened fire on the people who kidnapped Paola. Three of the kidnappers died. The unidentified men were not related to Eduardo Gallo, but the kidnappers believed it to be an ambush, so they killed Paola.

Eduardo found the investigation into his daughter’s death frustrating. There was obvious corruption, and there were also numerous errors. For example, a thorough forensic test on one of the stolen cars was not performed at first “because it was raining”. Eventually, after Eduardo pushed for a proper test, strands of Paola’s hair were found in that vehicle.

Eventually, Eduardo came to the conclusion that the police would not solve the murder of his daughter. He decided to close his consulting firm, and he became something of a detective. He posed as a secondhand clothes salesman and toured villages around the city where he thought the kidnappers had familial connections.

He ended up finding a pay phone used by a gunman to keep in touch with other gang members. He told the police what he learned, and they set up a trap. The gunman was arrested, and he confessed to murder. The gunman and the other kidnappers ended up being sentenced to 40 years in prison.

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7. Brandon Moore

The Moore family of Lorena, Texas had a friend named Sean Foster. He started molesting Madalyn Moore when she was just nine, and the abuse continued for five years. When she turned 14, Sean Foster suggested to Madalyn that they should do drugs and have sex. Terrified that she would be drugged and raped, she finally went to her parents and told them that Foster was touching her inappropriately and had kissed her.

Brandon Moore went to the police, but was told the investigation into the alleged crimes could take months.

Brandon, who was also a survivor of sexual abuse, decided he could not wait. He set a trap.

After telling his wife Leone to take the kids to a friend’s house and taking Madalyn’s phone, he sent a message to Sean Foster. The message said that he could pick her up in 15 minutes for work. He then turned on Madalyn’s shower and waited for Foster. Soon enough, Foster arrived. He went into Madalyn’s room and opened her shower curtain.

Brandon attacked Foster from behind and tried to beat a confession out of him. He recorded the whole thing on his cell phone. Leone called law enforcement, but Brandon Moore kept assaulting Foster.

In 2016, Sean Foster was sentenced to 55 years. Brandon Moore was not charged with assault.

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8. Drasius Kedys

Drasius Kedys—who is Lithuanian—and his girlfriend separated a couple of years after the birth of their daughter.

The girlfriend’s name is Laimute Stankunaite. Kedys received full custody of the little girl a couple of years after the separation.

The child told her father that she had frequently been left in the care of “uncles” when she was with her mother, and she also described horrible sexual abuse.

Drasius Kedys brought the case to law enforcement, believing that Laimute Stankunaite and her sister Violeta allowed men to molest his daughter for money. Both women denied the accusations. While the case was investigated, Drasius did not think it was moving fast enough, and he also feared it was being stonewalled. He sent DVDs of his daughter’s testimony to politicians and the media, but the case was not brought to trial, which made him angry.

Finally, in 2009, he was fed up, so she shot Laimute and Violeta. He then disappeared. His body was found in 2010 in a lake. The death was officially ruled an accident, but Drasius’ sister hired independent investigators.

They concluded Drasius was intentionally drowned.

The primary suspect in the pedophilia case, Usas, was charged with molestation of a minor. Before the case could go to trial, however, he was found drowned in a swamp. The death was ruled an accident, and the case against him continued anyway. He was found not guilty.

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9. Walter Rodriguez

Image Source: Facebook/Walter Martin Rodriguez

Early in 2018, the 11-year-old daughter of Walter Rodriguez was being sexually harassed by German Acosta, who was 29 years old. The girl met Acosta via WhatsApp. He had send nude photos of himself to her, and he tried to get her to send nude photographs of herself to him. He ended up demanding to meet the girl, so she told her father.

Posing as his daughter, Rodriguez started messaging Acosta and arranged a meeting in Buenos Aires. The meeting occurred, and Rodriguez started to beat up Acosta. He then took photographs of Acosta’s bloodied face and posted them on Facebook. He wrote that Acosta was sending messages to his 11-year-old daughter and sent her explicit images—and wanted to meet her.

Rodriguez actually ended up being charged with battery; Acosta was charged with grooming and online harassment.

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10. Barry Gilton and Lupe Mercado

Father Barry Gilton and mother Lupe Mercado learned that their underage daughter, who was 17 years old, was in escort advertisements. This was in 2012. The ads were placed by Calvin Sneed, 22, who was known to be a gang member in San Francisco.

Gilton and Mercado urged their child to cut off her ties with the gangster; however, she would not do so. They asked law enforcement for help, but they did not receive much in the way of assistance.

The two decided to resort to premeditated murder once legal options were more or less exhausted. Gilton actually approached the gang member’s car and shot into the vehicle nine times. While he was not hit by the bullets, he was injured by shards of glass.

Sneed recovered, but the 17-year-old girl refused to return home, so the parents decided to give the whole premeditated murder thing another go. Gilton again fired at Sneed’s car from his own vehicle, and Sneed was hit four times and crashed. Sneed died at the hospital to which he was taken.

Barry Gilton and Lupe Mercado were arrested. They were charged with both murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

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