Meet Justin Disher. He Is A Real-Life 40-Year-Old Virgin

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There are probably a lot of virgins out there in their 30’s and 40’s. In this day and age, even with social media and the plethora of dating apps available to those of us looking to meet a romantic partner, it can be difficult to meet a person with whom one shares a genuine connection. While many are comfortable with the idea of casual sex, others prefer to be in a committed relationship before engaging in sexual intercourse. Trying to find a person with whom you want to be in a healthy, serious relationship can be extremely challenging, even for the most outgoing of people.

So while there are likely thousands or even millions of people out there who are virgins in middle age, few of them are willing to advertise the fact that they’re still waiting for the right person to take their virginity.

Justin Disher is one of those rare people who is brave enough to admit it. The Canadian man, who comes from the Niagara region of Ontario, is 41 years of age. He has yet to meet that special person, and he is in no way ashamed.

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The fact that he is a proud virgin at his age does not mean that Justin isn’t a social sort with hobbies and such. He is actually an amateur photographer—which is very cool—who primarily photographs local sports. He also manages a couple of minor hockey teams. Needless to say, the guy keeps busy. As you can see from his picture, he’s certainly not a bad looking guy.

So why is Disher still a virgin at his age?

Well, for starters, he has had problems with his vision for roughly 15 years now; they started after he had LASIK surgery. Is that the reason?

Actually, it largely has to do with the fact that he made the decision to abstain from pre-marital sex for religious reasons. The decision was made a long time ago, and he still believes it to be the right decision for him. He doesn’t “judge” those who engage in pre-marital relations, but he still thinks that he himself should wait and doesn’t consider his being a virgin a big deal.

On his Twitter profile, he wrote that being a virgin at 40 is basically his “only accomplishment in life”—so far, that is!

He really isn’t at all shy about telling the world that he’s a virgin at his age, which is sort of impressive when you think about it. Few men in his situation would be brave enough. After all, many of us would be completely embarrassed or feel awkward. Not Justin! He tells the world because—after being bullied as a child—he developed a keen sense of humor as a way of coping with life; he did so as a defense mechanism, if you will. When things got tense, he relied on his humor as a way of diffusing tense and unfortunate situations.

He said that what he wrote on Twitter—where he admitted he was a virgin—was partially a way to get people to laugh, but it was also a way to let others know that it “isn’t always easy” being a virgin and single. What he wrote was accompanied, it is worth pointing out, by a sad face emoji.

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Justin freely admits that he doesn’t necessarily want to remain a virgin for the remainder of his life. All of his friends and family know that Justin is a virgin, and they’re genuinely okay with it. There’s a bit of light teasing here and there, but they’re supportive of his choice. Justin even teases himself!
Because he does not feel any pressure from external sources, he does not feel any intense pressure to lose his virginity any time soon, which is a good and healthy thing.

Justin really only wants to have sex if it means he gets to raise a family, although he admits he wouldn’t “wait much longer” to start one. He said he wouldn’t want to have children at an “advanced age”, citing the celebrity talk show host David Letterman, who had a child when he was over 50 years old. He knows that he probably could father a child in his 50’s or older, but wouldn’t want to.

Who wants to chase a 3-year-old around at the age of 60, after all?

Also, because he’s clearly a responsible and thoughtful man, he worries about being able to support a child or children financially, so he has sort of resigned himself to the fact that he may never have a son or daughter. Still, he’ll consider it if the right person comes along.

Considering the cost of raising a child is currently about $250,000, his concern is certainly understandable.

Personally, I hope that a lovely, intelligent woman with a really great career or a trust fund reads this and reaches out to Justin!

Justin actually hasn’t seen the 2005 Steve Carrell movie The Forty-Year-Old Virgin. He’s worried that the film portrays virgins in a negative way, which isn’t totally untrue. However, while the movie is a kind of goofy comedy and makes crude, immature jokes, the film’s ultimate message is that there’s nothing at all wrong with being patient and waiting for the right person. Ultimately, despite a few missteps along the way, the virgin in the film earns his happy ending with the love of his life. We can only hope that Justin too gets the happy ending he probably deserves.

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Also, considering the transmissions rates of certain sexually transmitted infections are reported to be on the rise in Canada, Justin is probably very wise to be both patient and selective.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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