Meet The Real Life Rapunzel Who Has Been Growing Her Hair For 15 Years

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For fifteen years, give or take, a Russian woman has not been cutting her hair. As a result, it has grown extremely long.

There are obvious downsides to having extremely long hair, but there are also benefits. The right stylist can probably work wonders with hair that has not been cut since 2003.

Dashik Gubanova has allegedly been growing her hair for a decade and a half, and she has definitely attracted a lot of media attention as a result.

The woman’s Instagram account has well over 100,000 followers. In addition to videos of her taking care of her hair, she gives advice on how one who also wishes to grow extremely long hair can take care of it. She also posts videos of her simply waving her flowing locks about.

According to an interview she did a couple of years ago, Dashik simply wanted to grow her hair down to her toes. Eventually, she plans to cut the hair off and donate it to make wigs; she hasn’t said when, exactly, she might do so.
She is also known as Dashik Gubanova Freckle and also Dashik Gubanova Vesnushka—Vesnushka meaning freckle. Vesnushka is her nickname on social media accounts.

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A post shared by Дашик Губанова Веснушка (@dashik_gubanova) on

According to Dashik, who has hair that is over 5 feet long, her desire to grow the hair that she has now came about as a result of a bet with a friend. During a casual conversation at the age of 16, the friend said that Dashik would never be able to grow hair as long as the braid she once had at the age of 14. Dashik clearly decided to prove that friend wrong.

Dashik told media that taking care of her hair isn’t really all that difficult. She doesn’t use any chemicals or dyes, and she washes it two times a week.

Dashik’s hair-growing feat is impressive, and she’s definitely to be commended for her efforts, but she doesn’t have the longest hair in the world—according to the record books. She has not yet grown it as long as Xie Qiuping grew hers, for example.

Back in 2004, Xie—a resident of China—had been growing her hair since 1973. She was thirteen years old when she started to grow her hair. At the time, she told Guinness World Records that having the hair she did really wasn’t any trouble at all. She was used to it, adding that you do need to be patient and hold yourself straight.

At the time, her hair was about 18.5 feet (or roughly 5.6 meters) long.

There is also the case of Tran Van Hay; when he died in 2010, his hair may have been almost seven meters long.
According to his wife, he started letting his hair grow—and didn’t get it cut for over a half-century before his death—because a haircut made him very sick one time. In the more than 50 years he was growing it out, according to her, he didn’t wash it much. His wife said the last time he did so was about eleven years prior to his death.

The now-deceased man was a Vietnamese herbalist. He died at the age of 79 of natural causes.
His hair apparently weighed over 10 kilograms, which made life difficult for the man at times; for example, he could not
get a ride from a motorcycle taxi. He also couldn’t work as a farmer.

Sadly, the length of his hair was never formally acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Naturally, when you think of exceptionally long hair, you think of the German Fairy Tale Rapunzel; a version of that story may have been published as early as 1790. That version was likely based on stories from the 1600’s. The original story might actually date back to the 12th century—or earlier.

In most versions of the tale, Rapunzel is the most beautiful child in the world, and she ends up locked in a tower in the woods. She has long golden hair. Eventually, a prince ends up using her hair to climb into the tower, and the two end up falling in love. What happens after that can vary a bit depending on the version read.

Rapunzel is also a fictional character in Disney’s animation studios’ animated film Tangled.

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