Parents Told Baby Had Died Seven Years Ago Learn The Child is Alive

Image Source: Volograd Police

Seven years ago, these parents were told that their infant was dead, but now they know that he is still living and has been in an orphanage this whole time.

The mother went into labor, and delivered a son. They never got to bring their boy home after being told he wouldn’t survive.

The Russian couple, who are from Volgograd, had their baby in 2011 and doctors told them that the boy was very sick and would die within a week.

They left the baby in the care of the hospital and after signing a waiver leaving him to terminate their parental rights, they returned to their home.

After a few days, they changed their minds and wanted to get their baby back. When they inquired about him at the hospital, the were informed that he had already passed away.

They had to go on, so they grieved their baby, but they kept on living. Seven years later, they would receive the shock of their lives.

They were just living their lives when the truth accidentally came out. They were issued a bill of over $4,000 for the child’s care at an orphanage. A bailiff was sent to collect the money. This was an office mix up, of course. When the bailiff found the couple to not be home, he proceeded to seize the money from the mom’s bank.

She went the next day to inquire as to why she couldn’t get her money. She passed out when she was told and shown the evidence of her son residing in the orphanage.

The office of the bailiff recalled that it was very clear these parents truly believed that their child had passed away.

The parents, shocked to learn that their child is alive, immediately went to petition the court to get their parental rights reinstated.

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Just a few months ago, in November of 2017, they won and they were able to reunite with their son on New Year’s Eve. Everyone is so happy to see a good ending to this story.

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Whether the parents intend to sue the hospital or not isn’t clear as of yet.

The new family is reunited and that’s what matters.

How does this happen? There are stories from all over the world of parents being led to believe their children are dead, and later find out they were slid in n the black market or adopted privately without their knowledge of consent.

This is a parent’s worse nightmare, and to think that anyone would knowingly do this to any parent or child is inconceivable.

Many cases similar to this were found to have happened in a hospital in Saint Louis back in the 50s and 60s.

One mother, Jackson Price, had a daughter in 1965 and was told the baby had died due to complications from arriving prematurely. Nearly 50 years later, she was reunited with the daughter she had grieved all this years ago.

After her story came out, 2 dozen other women came forward with similar stories, all from the same hospital.

The St. Louis babies were put up for adoption and their parents never had a clue.

There are stories like this from all over the world. It’s sad that parents are left to grieve children who are very much alive.

In the Russia case, it seems like they would have called the parents when the boy survived his illness. Perhaps the fact that they waived their parental rights prevented them from being informed on any information about the child.

They are together now, and can start healing from the seven years of grief they endured, and a boy gets to learn what it’s like to live in a real home with people who love him after spending his life in an orphanage.

All’s well that ends well, they say.

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Written by Amanda Johnson

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