Matthew Falder Who Forced Teen To Rape Boy, 4, Jailed For 32 Years

Matthew Falder is among the worst pedophiles Britain has ever seen. The man blackmailed and manipulated dozens of people over a long period of time, including a girl who he forced to consume dog food. The criminal has been sentenced to 32 years in prison; prior to that he pleaded guilty on 137 offences, including voyeurism, blackmail, and encouraging the rape of a minor.

The charges against him are due to 46 complaints. He was caught after the National Crime Agency’s inquiry led an international inquiry. The Cambridge graduate was arrested in June 2017 after three of his victims tried to commit suicide.

Judge Philip Parker called him “sadistic” and stated that he was sentenced for his “increasing depravity”. The judge told Falder that he was an “extraordinary” sexual offender, because nobody suspected what was lying behind the surface. Judge Parker also branded him as an “Internet highwayman” and said that he was striving for total control over the victims.

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The judge described Falder’s behavior as persistent and manipulative, and the judge also stated that the harm done to his victims is still within them and will continue to be there—because all the materials gathered while documenting the crimes was distributed to other people.

During the pre-hearing, it was stated that Falder forced male and female victims to document themselves in indecent poses and activities using photos and videos. Some of the examples include licking toilet seats and a used tampon—as well as consuming dog food. He apparently managed to install several cameras in bathrooms to film naked girls and women.

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One of the other victims was blackmailed and forced to eat his own feces and also drink urine. Shockingly, 29-year-old Falder even encouraged a father to rape his own two-year-old son. He was able to set cameras not only in public toilets, but in his parents’ one as well—he used the footage to blackmail the people who were videotaped. He also sold the content online.

The prosecutor Ruona Iguyovwe had previously stated that a lot of the photos were sold by him on the dark web, and particularly in “hurtcore” websites—which are full of materials showing violence and abuse.

Falder once posted on a forum topic entitled “A hundred things we want to see at least once” that he would like to see a young girl used instead of a dart board, a paralyzed child being abused, as well as a video of someone breaking a small child’s bones slowly.

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During the initial hearing, another of Falder’s crimes was mentioned; he started manipulating his victims to send him graphic content by introducing himself as a female artist who wanted to create life drawings. The prosecutors have evidence of the pedophile being a member of a few “virtual communities” of abusers on the dark web, and he had reached the “rapist” membership rank in one of them.

The United States Homeland Security Department and the authorities of Australia, Israel, Slovenia, and New Zealand worked together to catch him, because he used a special type of software to hide his accounts online. The Birmingham resident committed his crimes in the span of eight years and never actually met a single one of his victims.

Upon the arrest, Falder—who is a now a former post-doctoral geophysics researcher at the University of Birmingham—wondered what they supposed he had done in order to arrest him.

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During the trial, Judge Parker said that despite the fact the list of offences against him sounded like a “rap sheet from hell”, Falder has no previous record of any kind and has not been convicted to date; his family raised him well in Cheshire and he always performed great in school, eventually entering University of Cambridge—followed by a Master’s degree and a PhD.

Falder was always among the most successful people in the university, and his friends adored him. It was clear that he was very talented and smart, with a strong magnetism. Falder even started lecturing at the University of Birmingham, and that is where the police apprehended him last September.

The NCA chief investigating officer Matt Sutton spoke after hearing the sentence. Mr. Sutton said that in his more than 30 years of experience he had never met an offender whose only goal was to cause pain and anguish in the way Falder did. He also stated that it was a very complex investigation due to Falder’s intelligence and ability to hide his crimes in the dark web’s most remote places. Matt Sutton added that there are others like Falder and they need to be apprehended as well, so the officer invites all the victims of similar crimes to come forward and help them catch the offenders.

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