Indonesian Teenager Claims That He Has Laid Over 20 Eggs In The Past Few Years

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The Beatles had a lot of hit songs, but at one point John Lennon wrote a rather strange song called “I Am the Walrus”; one of the song’s lines says “I am the egg man”. The story of one 14-year-old Indonesian boy is just as strange as the lyrics of that hit song.

The old paradox about whether the chicken or the egg came first was a puzzling dilemma for centuries—but eventually science managed to answer that question. But now there appears to be another challenge in front of doctors and scientists—is it actually possible for a teenager to lay eggs?

14-year-old Akmal is from the Gowa regency, located in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. He became famous about three years ago when local reports stated that the boy laid seven eggs in just one week.
Doctors were quite confused back then and could not find any rational explanation about how such objects could exist in the human body; after all, a chicken egg in the rectum is just not something you see every day. It was not confirmed that the boy was actually able to lay the eggs. Regardless, everyone was understandably baffled by the claims.

According to Akmal’s family, he really has the egg-laying ability—and over the past three years, according to the family, he has pushed out more than twenty.

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Doctors are more than certain that there is no physical way for a human being to produce and lay an egg, but Akmal still says he can do it.

The young man has been hospitalized a few times, and he once allegedly laid two eggs in front of the amazed doctors, but they still could not believe it. Quite the opposite, actually—the medics suspect that most likely the eggs were pushed inside the rectum before the boy went to the hospital. Imagine that.

Doctors even decided to take an x-ray image, and the egg was clearly visible sitting inside his rectum.

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Akmal’s father, Rusli, stated that for the past couple of years his son has laid two and a half dozen eggs, and then laid two more in front of the doctors. He also said that he broke the first egg that Akmal laid and it was all yolk inside. After a month, he cracked another egg, and it was the opposite—the inside was all white.

Doctors decided to keep Akmal under their supervision for a week, because that way he would not have any access to eggs, and it would become clear if the eggs are mysteriously forming inside his body or not.

They probably already knew the answer, but they needed to back it up with science.

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The Syekh Yusuf Hospital’s spokesman, Muhammad Taslim, officially spoke about the medical staff’s suspicion that the eggs were put inside the boy’s rectum, but nobody witnessed that. He added that there is no possible natural way for eggs to be produced in the digestive system of the human body.

Taslim said that some of the eggs that the boy claimed he laid were examined last year, and it was determined that they were chicken eggs. Now the doctors are impatient to learn if there really is a marvel behind the mystery, or if it is another fake story.
Akmal’s father claimed that his son never swallowed a whole egg because he had no reason to do such a thing.

The father added that he was an “imam” in his village and insists that there is no magic or anything else involved in the case with his son—except the Lord’s will.

What is even stranger is that Akmal’s case is not the first of its nature. In 2014, a man named Kakek Sinin complained about having a stomach ache. His co-worker then rubbed his stomach in an attempt to relieve the pain; after Kakek reportedly checked inside of his pants later, he found an egg.

His co-worker was baffled by the find, but Kakek was not surprised, claiming that this was the fourth egg he had laid since the year 1998, which is when he was able to produce three eggs in a period of three months.

Doctors could not be able to explain how could that be possible back then, but most likely it was all a lie to grab a bit of attention.

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