The Graphic Designer Who Takes Photoshop Requests VERY Literally Is Back

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He’s back! You have probably seen at least one example of James Fridman’s hilarious, photoshopped pictures. He takes the direction asked for by the people who ask for his help very literally!

It’s funny how he ends up giving them exactly what they ask for, but just not what they wanted! Some of the photos will certainly make you laugh out loud!

He has a long history of creating these funny and playful photoshop creations for people who ask, and it has really made him popular on the internet. You might not have known his name, but you probably have seen his work a time or two!

Image Source: Twitter

These two men are wearing tin foil on their heads. Maybe they’re dyeing their hair? Maybe they’re contacting aliens? Who knows. They are both looking at the same thing, and they asked James to make them look in different directions. So that’s just what he did. As you can see, he made one of the men cross eyed, and the other is looking in both directions at once.

I’m quite sure that’s not what he meant, but it’s hilarious to see!

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One girl posted a photo of her boyfriend knelt beside a lake, with some ducks swimming nearby. She asked James to make it seem as if her boyfriend was petting the ducks. She said that it would make him really happy.

As usual, James obliged. Instead of bringing one of the ducks ashore, you guessed it! He put boyfriend in the water!

I wonder if it made him happy?

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This one is pretty darn funny! A woman told James that she and her homey had sat at the end of a bench, because the rest of it was full. The other people left, leaving them smooching at the end of the bench.

She asked that James make it to where she’s not on the edge, obviously meaning that she wants to be centered as is.

You know he couldn’t make it that easy! He put her towards the other end, leaving hubs alone on the end.

Instead of a sweet moment, it now looks as if they are mad with one another and giving each other the cold shoulder.

You have to admit, that’s funny!

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I think most would agree that the man in this picture deserves just what he got! He asked James to crop the girl out of the picture and replace with wifey material. What exactly wifey material means, I guess we’ll never know.

James got the last laugh when he took the perfectly lovely girl out of the picture, and replaced her with a blowup doll.

I wonder if that’s what he was looking for? I’m willing to bet it is not!

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You have to feel sorry for the kid in the above photo! He has apparently just obtained his drivers license, and is leaned up against his car to show it off. I guess he doesn’t look cool enough, so he asked for James to make him look cooler.

James replace his license with a beautiful folding fan. Well, how much cooler can you get than that?

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The photo above is of an ordinary looking boy sitting in the car, having his photo taken by his adoring girlfriend. She adores every inch of him, except for his armpit.

She wants the armpit hair out of her photo because it’s grossing her out. You can’t really blame her for that.

James to the rescue! Instead of just removing the hair, he added a stuffed Ernie doll to it, and made it look like the boyfriend was holding Ernie up to his armpit.

It shouldn’t gross her out anymore!

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Brothers and sisters love to take pictures of each other to post to social media, but this particular girl was wanting her brother to look less tired. He is behind her, yawning very noticeably.

James knew just what to do! He added a microphone to his hand, so now it looks like he is spitting bars, not sleepy.

Image Source: Twitter

This girl wanted to seem a little more modest, perhaps, when she asked James to make her dress a little longer.

He made it longer, all right, and put it on a hanger. The man in the picture with her is there holding her dress up and James suggested that she find someone to wear it now that he has fixed it the way she wanted it.

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These two girls look perfectly lovely to me, but they asked to look less awkward, and wanted to get rid of the wet floor sign.

I think what James did speaks for itself! It would be nice to have a photo of the girls’ reactions when they saw his final product.

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One way to get rid of a bald head is certainly to make it into an ice cream cone! Now you know, in case you ever need it!

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When a guy is afraid that it looks like he’s holding his friend’s hand, and asked James to fix it. He simply leans him over and puts his foot up instead. Gotta love his sense of humor!

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This will definitely be everyone’s favorite.

When a girl asked for him to make her look better because she is always getting made fun of, he tells her that she should be confident in herself, and not let others dictate whether she feels good about herself or not. He assures her that her natural beauty is more than enough!

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