The 22 year-old Skydiver named Robert Cook saved his student’s life by acting as a human shield

Image Source: SOBIFY.COM

When in a plane with the girl, presumably on the way to do a skydive with her, he found out that the plane was going to crash. However, instead of panicking like many would, he remained calm, and told her, despite knowing they were in free fall and would likely die.

Image Source: SOBIFY.COM

In order to save her life, the instructor did all he could to save her life, by using himself as a human shield. Himself, as well as another five people on the plane at the time died, after their plane crashed, nose first, into a tree shortly after taking off in Missouri. It’s thought that the plane crashed due to engine failure, and eye witnesses have said that flames could be seen from the right engine soon after take off.

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After what happened had all come out, Robert Cook was named as a hero by her father, Bill, who spoke to Melbourne’s news and told them of the incredible moments before the crash, on his daughter’s behalf.

Whilst the plane was falling to the ground, Cook explained to the girl what would happen, and what she could expect, whilst keeping her calm, and preparing himself for the heroic act. As the plane came closer and closer together, he attached their harnesses together, and put himself closely around her, in order to protect her. He then told her to ensure that she was on top of him when the plane hit the ground, as that would ensure that he took the majority of the impact, rather than her.

Robert Cook took the entire impact of them both, undoubtedly saving her life.

Kimberley wasn’t totally without injury, with pressured vertebrae, muscle tears around her spine, broken collar bone and pelvis, cuts, abrasions, concussion as well as bruising, but she was alive.

Robert only met her that day, and knowing that what he was doing would mean certain death, he still did, saving that girl’s life.

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