In 1995, a man received a $95,000 junk-mail cheque, which he DID cash it at his bank

A man received a junk-mail containing a fake check for $95,000. He went to get it credited at a local bank as a joke and the bank actually credited it!

Back in the not so distant 1995 a 29 year old male author named Patrick Combs checked his mailbox and found a junk-mail letter inside it. The letter contained a fake check for more than $95,000. The check was “nonnegotiable” and Combs knew from the start he hadn’t received any actual money. Nevertheless, the man decided to go to a First Interstate Bancorp branch and to try to get the check credited as a joke.

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The man expected the bank to reject the junk-mail check, but much to his surprise, a few weeks after he deposited the check into an auto-teller machine he received a transfer of a total of $95,093.35 in his bank account. Much to the man’s shock, the bank had actually credited his fake check! Once Combs got over his initial shock, he decided to withdraw the money.

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As soon as he withdraw the money he spoke to his brother and they both agreed on putting the money in a deposit box, because they knew someone would come after so much money. Unfortunately they realized that the money would NOT fit in a single deposit box and both agreed to put it in a cashier’s check.

On the next morning he went to the HQ to get the check. As soon as his turn came he went to the cashier’s desk and gave her a small list of paper with the amount written on it (he didn’t want to gather attention by pronouncing such amount). In like 2 minutes everything was set his cashier’s check was approved and ready to go.

He put the $95,000 in a cashier’s check and stored the check in a deposit box in the same bank. First Interstate realized what had happened only a month after they had credited the man’s check and called him. Unfortunately, he was already away on vacation, but he told them that the money was in a safe inside the bank. The officials, who called him, were extremely rude to him and threatened him to drill through the deposit box and to send the cops to his home, simply because they claimed he had committed fraud.

First Interstate Bancorp’s spokeswoman declined a comment stating that according to he bank policies she can not disclosure sensitive information.

Authorities went after the company that had issued the check as well. Their spokesperson said that no one ever tried to cash such cheque and they have no fault that the bank actually accepted it.

After this case became a “Breaking News” the people started to support Combs telling him that he had the right to keep the money, to buy his mom a Lexus or just to go to a vacation.

Combs, on the other hand, did some research and found out that according to the American law, he had full rights over the money. The man’s story was widely covered by the media, although it’s not clear if he managed to keep the money or not.

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