The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Trailer Is Finally Released And It Already Has 87 Million Views

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If you are a fan of the Avengers, then you are likely to be seriously anticipating the new film with unfettered excitement. If you aren’t a fan, I ask why? Do you not love a great action movie? Are you loyal to another comic franchise? I think Marvel lovers and those previously unconvinced alike will be intrigued by the new trailer. Anthony and Joe Russo directed the film, which is sure to delight millions.

Avengers: Infinity Wars is due out in April of 2018 in the United Kingdom and May 4 in the United States, and I for one, am really looking forward to it! After a tease on social media showing Excited Avenger fans reacting to the trailer was released, the anticipation grew! Each person seemed to be really impressed and excited for the newest offering. The full trailer has finally been released, ready for public viewing! You can see it in its entirety here.

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The new film is a journey from one end of the Marvel universe to the other. All of your favorites have reprised their roles. Robert Downy Jr. returns as Ironman, Chris Evans once again dons his Captain America duds, and Tom Holland is once again donning his spidey suit. The gang from Guardians of the Galaxy are there, too! I have a hard time picking a favorite from all of these amazing heroes. One day I’m team Thor, and the next I’m all about The Hulk! I think we can all agree that Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo are amazing in their portrayals of those two iconic characters.

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With so many superhero films being made each year, some might think that we would grow bored with them, but that isn’t the case. These films, based on famous comic book characters, are box office gold! They are almost sure to bring in huge numbers and to be the biggest movie in the world on their opening weekends.

The film is described as being unprecedented in its scope of action and boasts the biggest, deadliest battle of all time between the Avengers and their formidable enemy Thanos, and his army. The super heroes we know and love come together to fight this common enemy, the intimidating Thanos, and his Black Order before they can obliterate the world with his plans of total devastation. The team definitely has their work cut out for them.

In just one day, the trailer had been watched more than 200 million times, making it the most viewed trailer, an honor previously held by the re-adaptation of Stephen King’s It. Many fans reveled in the fact that it seemed to depict Spider Man’s spidey sense when the hairs on Peter Parker’s arm stood up.

Infinity War is the first film to include all of the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy is sure to thrill audiences of all ages. It will be exciting to see all of the heroes banded together to save the world in true Avengers fashion.

You can watch Avengers: Infinity War on 4 May in the United States and 27 April in the United Kingdom.

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