The rumors about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting divorced are…

Earlier in June this year rumors claiming Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were heading for a divorce started circling the web. As it turns out, these rumors are false.

Image Source: WIKIPEDIA
Image Source: WIKIPEDIA

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Jolie and Pitt married back in August 2014 in a private ceremony held in their home in France. It’s been less than a year since the two of them and their six children have been officially joined as a family and there are already rumors about their divorce are flying around numerous tabloids. Some unnamed sources have been saying that the 51 year old Pitt has set his sight on divorcing the 40 year old Jolie.
According to the reports, the troubles between the two have started while Jolie and Pitt were filming By The Sea. Angelina’s “difficult” temper, which Brad once fell in love with, has allegedly been driving him crazy. The 40 year old actress has been shouting, acting bossy and applying too much pressure and strain on their professional and personal lives and Pitt has reportedly had enough with Jolie’s act. Even though neither Brad, nor Angeline have made any official statements regarding these rumors, they turned out to be false.

The couple has been spotted spending an afternoon with Kate Middleton and Prince William at Kensington Palace on the 26th of June. The four of them reportedly spent several pleasant hours in each other’s company and Brad and Angelina looked happy with their relationship. According to the reports, this was the very first time Jolie and Pitt met with the royal couple in person. The Royals have attended events and parties where Angelina and Brad were present, but they had never met in person before. By the looks of it, this information clears out any divorce rumors.

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