This man has been raising two puppies for the past 2 years without realizing the dogs were actually…

One Chinese man just realized that the puppies he has been raising for the past 2 years are actually bears and not dogs!


Puppies are awesome. They are so cute that you immediately forget why you should be angry at them, even after they have caused the most devastating and unfixable damage to your property or personal belongings. However, no dog can remain as cute as he/ she used to be as a puppy. And this particular owner found out that his pups weren’t pups at all!

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Meet Wang Kaiyu – the Chinese man, who was raising baby bears for 2 years wrongfully thinking they were dogs. The man bought the animals from an unnamed Vietnamese guy near the Chinese border. The “doggies” looked like cute little pups, they had a healthy appetite for their food and Mr. Wang cared for them every single day. However, as they started growing up things changed. Their appetite changed and they stopped behaving like dogs. They even stopped looking like dogs at all! The creatures even went to such lengths as to eat the man’s pet chickens. Nevertheless, he didn’t saw any of these signs as indicators that his pet dogs weren’t real dogs.

It wasn’t up until recently that he found some information on an endangered bear species and he took his pets to the Forest Public Security Bureau. The police took away his pet bears after they were identified as belonging to the Asian black bear species. They are currently staying at a rescue center. Since the bears are considered as unsafe for being domesticated and they are frequently hunted and endangered, the Chinese authorities are still refusing to give Mr. Wang his pets back.

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