This Guy Lived In His Ex-girlfriend’s Attic Without Her Permission And After A While He Attacked Her And Stole Her Car

A 21-year-old man named Taylor Broussard secretly lived in his ex-girlfriend’s attic. On May, 3rd he attacked her and stole her car. In order to do so he broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house in Larose, Louisiana. After breaking in he proceeded to beat her and her child.

The police started an investigation. It uncovered that the 21-year old assailant lived in the attic for quite some time. Water bottles, bedding, leftover food and even plastic bottles (with urine) were found in Broussard’s hideout. An incredibly disturbing discovery indeed.

He was arresed in Baton Rogue, three weeks after the attack took place.

The woman was the first one to discover Taylor’s camp after he attacked her and stole her car with which he fled the scene.The police made their way to the woman’s house on May 3 when they received a report that the victim’s ex had forcefully broken into her home with the intent to do bodily harm.
She was alone, accompanied only by her child, which she had to protect as Broussard repeatedly hit her after the two had a serious argument.

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Taylor also took out a knife and threatened the mother with it, slashing through several pieces of furniture and other items in her bedroom. She successfully escaped, making her way to a neighbor’s house as quickly as possible in order to call for help. Thankfully, her child was okay and she was left without serious bodily harm.

Unfortunately, by the time the police arrived, Broussard had already escaped by stealing his ex’s personal vehicle, together with her purse and cellphone. The police then proceeded to set up a crime scene and began investigating the house of the assault. While investigating Taylor’s camp, the police concluded that the attacker had been living there a long time prior to the assault. Imagine discovering that you haven’t actually been living alone. It’s like a thriller movie scenario.

The department had also been called a few days earlier when Taylor appeared unannounced and was reported as being a stalker, yet another one of Broussard’s creepy traits.

Lafource Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies made attempts to contact Broussard after the attack but were unsuccessful until three weeks later, when they were able to track him down to Baton Rogue where he was finally arrested.

Taylor has had several felonies including two counts of stalking, home invasion and etc.

Hopefully this crazy ex doesn’t bother anyone else with his creepy obsessions anymore.

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