Top 10 Real-Life Killers Who Were Inspired By Dexter Morgan

Television drama has come a long way.

Forgotten are the times when only house wives would half-watch Dallas, as they’re chopping vegetables for dinner. Come to think of it, forgotten are the times of house wives altogether. Back to the topic on hand: TV series. They have become better and better – greater drama, better characters with unbelievably strong characterizations and arcs.

Take Walter White for example: Breaking Bad rocked my world – the series is so great, it managed to make chemistry look badass. Dexter Morgan is another example – before this show, serial killers were always the antagonists in everything. Once Dexter came out, watching serial killing became normal entertainment for most of us. All we needed was the excuse, that would let us (and Dexter) off the moral hook. Yeah, he maybe a serial killer, but he’s only killing other serial killers. How nice. It’s something called ‘positive identification’ – your morals align with those of the protagonist and it makes you overlook some other aspects of his characters. Well, it’s all well and good, because we realize it’s just a show.
Well – most of us do. Here’s a list of people, who smudged the lines between TV and reality. True fans, to put it mildly. But then again, the word ‘fan’ derives from the word ‘fanatic’. They went all the way and became the real Dexter Morgans.
Enjoy, if you dare.

1. The Film Maker Mark Twitchell

There’s a famous line in one of my favorite movies – Scarface and the line reads “Never get high on your own supply”. What it means is – never buy the stuff you’re selling. It’s true for the world of drug kingpins and it’s also true for writers and filmmakers – if you’re job is to create illusion, you can’t really believe in any of it.

Well, here’s Mark to prove the point. Mark used to be a very promising film maker. A smart, good looking and well-spoken young guy with a bright future ahead of him. Here’s a plot point that changed it all – he loved DEXTER. It was obvious by his Facebook page and twitter account. He posted Dexter-related stuff all the time. He even produced and directed a spoof based on his favorite character. But a time came when he realized that geeking out wasn’t cutting it for him anymore. So he took it twenty steps further. In order to experience a day of Dexter’s life, Mark planned and executed and videotaped a grisly murder. He also kept a diary and I’m sure it’d make for a good read, if released at some point.

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2. The Teenager Steven Miles

test ad

No, that’s not an old photograph of Lena Dunham. This rather androgynous-looking person is Steven Miles and he was a huge fan of Dexter, to the point of obsession.

And in 2014, he stabbed and killed his girlfriend. He was 16 at the time and she was a year older. Then he proceeded to dismember her body, using his dad’s tools and wrap the pieces in nylon bags. Why? As he put it when he confessed to his older sister – Ed made him kill her. Who’s Ed? Ed was the dark passenger in Steven’s head – the voice that would tell him to do things – just like with his idol – Dexter Morgan.

Truth is, a couple of years before that murder, Steven was battling his demons with the help of professionals and kept in a mental health facility for hurting himself. They thought they helped him. I beg the differ.

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3. The Schoolgirl Miranda Barbour

It’s kind of hard to tell what’s true and what’s not when it comes to Miranda’s case. The girl has quite the imagination and an appetite for killing, too.

When Miranda was in still in school, she dreamed of killing one Willow Palin (daughter of Sarah Palin) who happened to be a student in the same school. Thankfully, Miranda changed her mind and just punched her.

She claimed she’d been a member of a Satanic society from the early age of 12 and killed her first victim a year later. Since then, she brags to have killed as many as fifty people, who would’ve otherwise slip through the cracks of the system (a strong point in Dexter is that he kills those who got away free).

Even if everything Miranda’s been telling people are bold lies, what brought her to justice, sadly, is another story.

In 2013 Miranda posted on Craigslist that she’s looking for company. Being a petite woman and quite easy on the eyes, she didn’t have any trouble luring a guy from a neighboring town with the promise of good time. When the victim arrived, she and her boyfriend were waiting for him in a van. Once the man was in, her boyfriend immobilized him, while she began stabbing him with a knife until he expired.

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Written by George Angel

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