Top 10 Real-Life Killers Who Were Inspired By Dexter Morgan

4. The Gamer Mark Howe

Here is one bad egg and a product of a culture that doesn’t require you to socialize, which leads to no one knowing there’s something desperately wrong with you and that you need help.

To call Mark a recluse, would be to say Niagara Falls is wet. He wouldn’t go outside of his room, it it wasn’t for his job. He ate there, played video games there and stuck knives in objects there. Oh, and he used to watch whole marathons of Dexter there, too. A show he loved so much, he actually researched thoroughly every possible aspect of the murder game – bags, knifes, etc.

One day Mark got mad at his mom, because she wouldn’t let him smoke pot. So he stabbed her with the knife and killed her. Confused as to what to do next, he got online and told a friend that he just killed a person and even sent an image of his shoes, dripping with blood to prove it. He later admitted to a friend and to his sister and that was that.

To this day Mark Howe says he can’t remember the actual murder.

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5.Andrew Conley

Sometimes, even if we’re in the company of a person of poor psychological health, otherwise obvious signs that something’s wrong elude us. We are in fact clueless. Especially if it’s a person we love.

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That’s the case with Andrew Conley, who, for the longest time would tell his girlfriend that he wants to be exactly like Dexter. She would shrug it off and continue loving him, oblivious to what was happening inside of his head.

One day Andrew was wrestling with his younger brother. It was all fun and games, until he got the 10 years old boy into a choke-hold. He patiently waited for his brother to lose consciousness, then carried him to the kitchen and laid him there. What happened next is truly horrific – Andrew Conley strangled his little brother to death – first his his hands, and later – with a garbage bag over the boy’s head.

Couple of hours later he loaded the body in the trunk of his car and drove off – first he paid a visit to his girlfriend to give her a ring and then to a local park, where he dumped the body.

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6.The Ex-Police Officer Manuel Pardo

If numbers from 10 to 6 were influenced by a TV show and, albeit being sick individuals, are nothing but a pale xerox-copies of their idol, entry number 5 is the real deal – his crimes happened way before the show was even conceived, but he happens to bare the strongest resemblance to Dexter Morgan.

Dexter worked in forensics. Pardo was an officer. Both worked in Florida police, except Pardo was fired at one point and thus began the bloodshed. In a period of three months, Pardo killed nine people. They were all drug-related one way or the other and that helped him imagine he was doing a world a favor, by taking out the trash. He kept a diary, too, full with the pictures he took of his victims.

Florida police finally caught him. The trial was short – Manuel wanted to be treated like a soldier and killed, if found guilty, which he was. For his series of bloody murders, Manuel Pardo was executed.

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Written by George Angel

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