Top 10 Real-Life Killers Who Were Inspired By Dexter Morgan

7. Jessica Lopez

A big BDSM fan (way before those 50 shades of gray books and movies ruined that for everybody), she had two regular play date partners and a dungeon, completed with all sorts of toys, that could be dangerous, if used the wrong way.

Jessica and her friends got bored only playing among themselves, so they kidnapped a woman and took it to the dungeon. There, they unleashed their darkest desire on their victim – torturing and assaulting her sexually, before the grande finale. Jessica tried to cut up the remains in pieces, using power tools (just like Dexter), but realized that reality and TV are two very different worlds.

They were caught, of course, then tried, then properly sentenced. I guess Jessica was sorry, because she tried to commit suicide later and she left a note. Good bad girl.

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8. Maartens Van Der Merwe And Chane Van Heerden

Maartens and Chane were engaged in more than one way – their love for each other was a reflection of their love for Dexter (they didn’t miss a single showing) and was second only for their lust for murder.

And just like birds of prey, they started small – first they captured, tortured and killed cats. Once they felt they could best a feline (not an easy task, if you ask me), they graduated to the big league – humans.

Chane, the temptress, would seduce some poor fellow over the internet (not as safe as one might think) and lure him to a cemetery with the promise of fun. Fun it was, but not for him. Once there, Maartens and Chane would jump him, and brutally murder him, before dismembering the body and taking the head with them home.

Of course – every game has its end. The blood trail finally led the authorities to the couple’s lair. And what a lair it was – full of human remains such as facial skin, whole heads, ears, eyes, etc.

Now that’s what I call a hell couple.

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9. The Father Brian Campbell

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Some guys just can’t handle the stress of being parents. Case and point – Brian Campbell. His philosophy in life was very closely aligned with that of Stalin, who would famously say “If there’s a person – there’s a problem. If the person perishes – so does the problem”.

So when Campbell (an avid fan of Dexter, by the way) decided that he’s had enough paying for child support for his two kids and their mom (an ex-girlfriend), you can see how the first logical solution his mind concocted was to off them all.

So he jumped into his car, drove straight to their apartment and forced himself in. Thank God the kids and their mom were not around. However, the dog sitter was in the house and he was very calm as he explained to Campbell that everybody’s out on a walk. Brian stormed out, giving the guy the opportunity to call the police.

The authorities found Brian before he could commit his grisly plan. In his car they found some things, that rendered further questioning irrelevant at that point. He got arrested and confessed about everything he was planning. He got the idea from Dexter, he told them.

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10. Havard Nyflot And Shamrez Khan

What’s a guy to do when the woman he wants just doesn’t budge? I’d quit. I’m a quitter when it comes to ladies who don’t fancy my company. But Shamrez Khan wasn’t. He was something much, much worse.

After years of sweet talking and stalking a young woman by the name of Faiza Ashraf, Shamrez came to the realization that this girl is not that much into him. So he decided that perhaps a kidnapping, topped with a bit of torture might do the trick. Then again – Shamrez came to a second realization – he wasn’t man enough to do it himself. That’s why he sought the help of another man, Havard Nyflot. Well – ‘help’ is not the most adequate word here, because Nyflot was doing it for money – he was a degenerate gambler and he had a lot of debts on his hands he needed gone.
Nyflot abducted the woman, wrapped her head in tape, and threw her in the trunk of his car, never realizing she had a cell phone in her possession. Faiza called the police, while in the trunk and was able to name Khan, before losing consciousness, due to the lack of oxygen.

Meanwhile, Nyflot was speeding towards Khan (with a suffocating woman in the trunk) and was giving a man-birth to a different plan altogether. A big fan of Dexter, Havard came to the realization that it was Khan who was the bad guy in that situation and he needed to die, preferably, while the girl was watching.

Sadly, the police were not fast enough and Faiza suffocated to death in that trunk. None of the two men wanted her death, really. They were just mean and stupid. A bad combination, indeed.

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Written by George Angel

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