This Man Cured Stage 4 Cancer (He Was Given Just Weeks To Live) By Going On A Strict Vegan Diet

Rob Mooberry, a 43-years-old father of two, was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer in 2012 after being hospitalized with perforated colon. The doctors gave him a couple of weeks to live. After being diagnosed he got really scared for his life and decided to do whatever the doctors told him.

Here is his story:

In 2012 Rob didn’t feel good and had stomach aches often. He noticed that he often had blood in his stool, but he disregarded those symptoms, because he didn’t have health insurance. He thought that these symptoms were being due to something he had eaten.

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Rob was really shocked when he was first diagnosed, because he had no cancer history in his family and was living pretty healthy life. He was eating healthy and was doing sports often (running in a nearby park).

In July 2012 the symptoms became really bad and he could barely work and that’s when he decided to go to the local hospital to get check out by a doctor. As soon as the doctors run some tests they noticed that he had a perforated colon (which means that no food can pass by the hole). They did some extra tests and diagnosed him with stage 4 colorectal cancer and told him that he needed to get a surgery asap.

The doctors didn’t tell him anything particular, but they did tell his-now wife Amanda that he had only 8% survival chance. Rob didn’t take long to decide to undergo the surgery and all the necessary treatments.

The 43-years-old bartender from Las Vegas underwent surgery, radiation and chemo therapy and was able to downgrade the cancer to level 3A. The doctors advised to keep doing the chemo and radiation therapy in order to live as long as possible.

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Rob after and before the chemo therapy. Image Source

Because of the surgery and all the chemo and radiation therapy he felt really exhausted and decided to go on strict diet in order to recover fast for the next therapy round. At first he started looking at some alternative treatment methods and didn’t really go vegan. He went vegetarian, because he needed to heal fast. Meanwhile he started to check out alternative treatment therapies and found a treatment center in Tijuana, Mexico, but unfortunately going there would have cost him thousands of dollars and he couldn’t afford it.

Instead of going there he researched their way of treatment and diet. He decided to try it at home, because he had nothing to lose. The plant-based diet, alkaline diet consisted of cutting out all sugars and acidity, including meat and dairy. After a couple of months on the diet he went for his CT scan and the results were more than great. His cancer had shrunk by eighty percent. The doctors asked him if he wanted to continue the chemo therapy, but he decided to stay only on his diet. By 2014 there was no trace of the cancer itself and he was completely healed.

At the moment Rob is alive and well. He is running a small cancer charity on the side of his bar-tending. In an interview he said that he never advice the people who have cancer to go on his diet. He simply said that if someone ask him what work out for him he will say “Strict Vegan Diet”.

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Meanwhile he got engaged and married to Amanda (who have always been vegan) and they do have two beautiful children.

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