Woody (A Wonky-Faced Dog) Found A New Home For Christmas After His Previous Owners Abandoned Him


Woody the dog has sort of a crooked, wonky face as a result of a mauling by another canine. He was only 5-weeks old—just a tiny puppy not even of adoptable age—when he was attacked. As a result, the poor little guy has discoloration on his face as well as a sort of an odd, curious appearance. His owners at the time refused to take him to the vet, instead choosing to let Woody recuperate on his own without medical attention; they also moved out of their house in Tennessee, abandoning their pet and leaving poor Woody chained up outside and starving to death.

Image Source: Caters News Agency

It is a heartbreaking story, to be sure, but one with a truly happy ending. First things first, Woody isWoodynow 8-months old and doing quite well. He doesn’t have any last health problems—aside from the obvious facial disfigurement, of course—that will prevent him from living a long and happy life. He’s only alive today thanks to neighbors of his former owners who were kind enough to give the poor little creature food and water and check on him as often as possible. Despite his horrible circumstances, the little guy was determined to survive, and he certainly did.


The name of Woody’s original owners is not known at this time, but whoever they are, they should certainly be charged with cruelty towards an animal. It is worth noting that treating an animal abusively is now a felony in all 50 states of the United States. It is also a crime in the United Kingdom, punishable by up to five years in prison. Northern Ireland, as well, punishes animal abusers with prison time.

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Later, after being taken care of by neighbors for a bit, Woody was rescued by Courtney Bellew, the Director of Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Northeast (SNARR), and he ended adopted by her friend Jamie Bond. He moved into her home last week. This means that Woody has a new family, just in time for Christmas! So he’ll be living out his hopefully long and happy life with someone who truly loves him.


Bellew said her organization, over the years, has taken in many animals with a wide variety of problems, but she has never seen anything like what Woody experienced.

Bellew said that he’s so cute and a really sweet boy and she just fell in love with him.

Bellew acknowledged that Woody definitely looks a bit different, but that does not bother anyone at all.


The future is looking bright for Woody, but there are thousands of animals out there who don’t have a home for Christmas. Visit your local ASCPA or animal rescue center to learn more about you can help animals like Woody who are in need of a meal, love, and a forever home.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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