This Teen Applied For College And Found Out That He Has Been A Missing Person For 12 Years

Image Source: DailyMail

More than a decade ago, in 2002, a young boy named Julian Hernandez disappeared from his mother’s home with only a note left behind. It was written by the young boy’s father saying that he had taken him. Twelve years later, Julian had forgotten all about what had happened, while living happily with his dad in Ohio, both under fake names.

When he entered adulthood and was filling his college application documents, he noticed a discrepancy in his personal information that bothered him and so the young man decided to investigate the issue.
With the help of a school counselor, Julian discovered he’d been listed as a missing person more than a decade ago, realizing that he was abducted from his own mother, by his father.

The boy’s mother was brought to tears by the relief of finding out that her son is alive and well. And a college applicant at that.

Julian’s father was brought to court but his son did not allow him to be convicted, saying that he had forgiven him and that it would be a horrible thing to do to both his father and himself. He had lived with one parent all his life so it was only natural for him to want to keep both of them around.

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A round of applause for the golden-hearted Julian Hernandez!

His father told the court that he would accept full responsibility for everything he did. His kid was everything and the most important person in his life. Despite the forgiveness he was sentenced to four years in jail for kidnapping.

Image Source: DailyMail

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Written by Jacob August

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