This thief called police after getting TRAPPED in his victim’s car

Image Source: TUMBLR

One car thief had to call the police after he got trapped in his victim’s vehicle. An unfortunate and quite dumb car thief managed to make headlines for his mischiefs.

According to official reports, the thief in question has been identified as Ryan Payne, a 31 year old man residing in Missoula, Montana, US. The 31 year oldkarnoa decided to steal a car by entering the vehicle’s trunk. Unfortunately for him, he hadn’t planned out the theft that good, since he got trapped in the trunk. The thief was so frustrated that he eventually decided to call the 911 hotline and ask for assistance.

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Image Source: TUMBLR

The police was sent to the crime scene where Payne was still waiting in his own trap. The reports show that the officers, too, were unable to break into the vehicle. They eventually found a way to get into the car thanks to a nearby business owner, who had keys for it. It’s not clear if the said business owner was also the owner of the car, but the police managed to unlock the vehicle and get the thief out of his victim’s trunk.

It’s not clear exactly how much time the 31 year old Payne spend locked inside the car, but the reports show that once the police got him out of the trunk, he immediately admitted to what he was attempting to do. Now the guy is facing several charges, one of which is for criminal misdemeanor and the other one is for the damages he inflicted on his victim’s vehicle while trying to get out of it.
Let’s just hope this case will serve him as a good lesson in the future – either find a job or simply start planning your car heists smarter.

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