Man Sues His Wife For Being Too Ugly Without Makeup

One man in Algeria is suing his wife, because she’s allegedly too ugly without make-up. He is pressing charges for fraud.

Some women never leave the house without applying tons of layers of make-up. This particular woman is one of them.

An unnamed guy’s strange case broke out on the Internet and became viral for its ridiculousness. According to the reports, the man is currently suing his new wife, because she’s ugly without make-up. The guy is from Algeria and he filed the amusing lawsuit after he saw his wife’s real, make-up free face – post wedding, of course. The man claims that his bride had always wore layers and layers of paint, which is why he saw her as “very beautiful and attractive”.

However, all of that changed after the duo got married. It’s not clear how long the newly wed Algerian couple have been together, but the guy has not even once saw his bride’s natural face and complexion. Thus, when he woke up next to her after the wedding he got petrified. The poor man was so scared by his wife’s looks that he thought a female thief was lying next to him on the bed instead of his beloved bride! He never really saw her without makeup before the wedding. The guy now claims that he has been deceived, frightened and cheated, which is why he has filed a lawsuit for $13,000.

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One of the reports allegedly shows the scorned man’s wife in a couple of pictures. On one of them she looks like a beautiful, deer-eyed young woman. On the second picture the woman is totally make-up free. She has humongous circles under her eyes, her complexion is dark, uneven and her skin is full of various flaws. The differences between the two images are terrifyingly shocking. It’s not clear if the pictured woman is the angry guy’s wife or not.

Editor’s note:

I am not really sure which is more disturbing. Her without makeup or the guy who didn’t see his wife without makeup before the wedding. He might be trying to make an easy buck out of his wife. I don’t know how it goes in Algeria. but here in the US almost 99% of the couples who get married are starting to live together like 6 months to a year before the weeding itself. And when you live with somebody there is 99.99% chance you will see him/her without makeup at some point.

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