This Woman Is Going To Marry Her Tetris After The Relationship With Her Calculator Called Pierre Ended

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Often, when two lovebirds really want to be together, there is just no way they can be stopped. Sometimes being in a romantic relationship can be tough, but sometimes the whole thing can be just plain bonkers.

A twenty-year old girl wants to marry her current boyfriend, who she met after her previous relationship fell apart. The young math genius seems happy, so everything sounds okay, right?

Image Source: Mercury Press

But things start to get pretty weird once you come to learn that her previous relationship was with Pierre the calculator, who had buttons she apparently loved to lick; now, she makes plans to marry her new love – a Tetris game.
Have you ever heard of the term “objectum sexuality”? Noorul Mahjabeen Hassan claims that she had exactly that desire. The term is apparently used when a human is attracted to physical, unanimated objects. Hassan admits that, a while back, she fancied iPods and GPS systems.

The young girl is a math student, living in Florida. She likes to present herself with a different name than her birth one – Fractal Tetris Huracan. If you wonder why, don’t ask us, as we don’t have a clue. She claims that she started dating the very popular and widely known 80’s video game since September.

Image Source: Mercury Press

Hassan’s favorite thing to do nowadays is to stack her room with all kinds of Tetris-related memorabilia. Her biggest desire is to marry the Tetris game as soon as she graduates, which is in about two years. The girl seems determined; hey, if it makes her happy, why not?

To make things even weirder, Fractal says that the physical contact between her and Tetris is something she enjoys a lot. To bring herself pleasure, she uses a lot of Tetris-related objects, such as a Tetris-shaped pillow and even a hard drive.

Every time Fractal played a certain game, she would hear the Tetris theme. She liked it more and more each time she heard it, so she wanted to play the game again and again. It got to the point that Tetris was all she was thinking about.

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Image Source: Mercury Press

Fractal also says that, for her, Tetris is a truly beautiful thing – it was designed to be perfect and to stimulate one’s mind, after all. She claims that she feels the same way people do when they are in a great relationship with another human – the feeling you met the right partner.

If it makes a difference, we have to add that Fractal is only attracted to “male” objects; she states that her condition is just a preference, not a fetish of any sort. She insists that the two things have nothing in common.
Fractal says that she never felt attracted to another human in her life and adds that she has an emotional connection to her object of desire, unlike what might be considered a fetish.

Her previous relationship was with a calculator named Pierre, and she recalls that she was particularly fond of his buttons. She says that she loved touching and even licking them. She admitted that she liked typing random numbers and then multiplying them. What a naughty girl!

Image Source: Mercury Press

Fractal also says that her previous relationship was deep and on an intellectual level. When you think about it, it makes sense – being a calculator, he must have been a pretty smart “guy”!
Despite her having been fond of Pierre, Tetris is now the only thing she talks about, and it seems that only a couple of years separate her from getting happily married.

The young woman is dead serious about her intentions. She wants the wedding to be as real as they get – with a ceremony, her friends, and everybody she cares about as guests. She likes the idea of formally expressing just how much she loves her boyfriend, and therefore she intends to prove it by becoming Mrs. Tetris.

Admit it: you probably think all of this is strange, but we prefer to call it unconventional. For obvious reasons, the girl’s family struggles to accept it; however, to her everything is normal, and there is nothing to understand or approve—nobody could give her a good reason why she shouldn’t get married to Tetris. We think that is a solid argument, and we wish the love birds a happy life together!

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