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Wentworth Miller likely to Return to Prison Break’s 6th season – has pitched a Storyline Idea to FOX Entertainment

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As we’ve previously reported, the FOX show Prison Break will be back! The confirmation is official, and FOX is very excited about what’s coming. It has been described by those involved with the project as a ‘new iteration’.
Even the president of FOX entertainment has said that, while the new iteration is definitely in early stages of development, the network is “very excited” about what’s next for their hit show Prison Break.

Fans are naturally concerned that FOX will pull a “24” and basically recast the series, but that does not appear to be the case with Prison Break. In the case of 24, a new actor took on the role of the show’s main character; prior to that, Kiefer Sutherland had portrayed the main character, Jack Bauer.

It is not currently known for sure whether Wentworth Miller, who portrayed a main character during the show’s five seasons, will be involved with the project. However, a Fox chairman has assured us that the new iteration won’t feature an entirely new cast.

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Furthermore, one of the show’s stars — Dominic Purcell — basically confirmed that there was a new season of the show coming not too long ago, suggesting via Instagram in December of 2017 that he’ll be involved in the new and highly anticipated project.

The president of FOX entertainment, Michael Thorn, has also reassured viewers that Prison Break will be much like it was, in the sense that the stars will return for whatever it is the network has in store.

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For those who didn’t watch the series when it first came out, Prison Break’s premiere season more or less revolved around a man who was trying to help his brother escape from prison. The prisoner in question, Lincoln Burrows, had been sentenced to death due to being wrongly accused of murdering a relative of the United States’ Vice-President. Michael, his brother, was anxious to free his brother before it was too late for his sibling.

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The second season of the show focused on what happened after the escape occurred. Eventually, the brothers made it to Panama, and things went on from there in the third and fourth seasons.

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Wentworth Miller, who may or may not appear in the sixth season of Prison Break, actually pitched an idea for a sixth season of the show. It revolved around a billionaire who was a serious fan of the main characters, and the billionaire would have turned a detention center into a theme park that would have been sort of a tribute to the first five seasons of Prison Break.

It probably would have been a very interesting season, but FOX turned the idea down, so we’ll be getting a different sixth installment of the show.

All we really know at this point is that FOX is bringing Prison Break back, and it should be quite different from what we’ve seen so far; the chances are very good that the show’s two leads will be present in the sixth season, we can’t be sure of that right now.

It should definitely be interesting to see what happens. Prison Break, which last aired in May of 2017, sort of ended the show’s story on a relatively high note. A main character was fully exonerated, and the bad guy paid for his crimes.
The only roadblock to a really great new iteration of Prison Break is the fact that the actors who portray the main characters have thriving careers, which makes scheduling sort of difficult. That may mean that the new episodes won’t come out very soon; it can take years for new seasons of television shows to actually grace the airwaves.

Even if we don’t see Prison Break again until 2019 or later, it is good to know that the series isn’t being completely and totally overhauled, so it will resemble the show we all came to love when it premiered back in 2005.

If you’re wondering why FOX is reviving the series, please understand this: Prison Break was hugely popular, to the point there was an even a video game about the show. A spin-off was even created for mobile phones. In 2005, it was nominated for a Golden Globe Award, and in 2006 it was nominated for a People’s Choice Award. Even the theme song was nominated for an Emmy Award!

FOX is currently working on the new iteration’s storyline, so it is very likely that we should hear more about it soon.

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Written by Kevin Barrett

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