Top 10 Historical Events With Conspiracy Theories

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If you’ve ever found yourself falling down a rabbit hole of conspiracy theories, you’ll likely be familiar with some of the content of this article.

Even though a lot of people hold conspiracy theories on the same level as fairy tales, there are a lot out there these days that make a lot of sense it you think about it. Conspiracy theorists are nothing if not thorough. They leave no stone unturned and they normally have an answer to any objection or question you might have.

Sometimes, it turns out that the theories are actually true, at least partly. Some of the ‘woke’ people, as they call themselves, make really convincing cases for some of these stories behind the stories.

There are conspiracy theories surrounding everything from mass shootings and terror attacks to sinking ships and celebrity deaths to things that may not even be significant in the grand scheme of things.

Maybe some of the theorists are a little out there, but more and more people are looking at them and taking notice. Sometimes the evidence or proof they claim instead pretty darn compelling.

It’s always good to have questions, but it’s hard to navigate how far is too far, sometimes.

Have you heard the one about the Illuminati being run at the Denver Airport? What about the one where the Titanic was a set up? I’m sure most have heard of MK Ultra, but have you really dug into that one? It gets pretty crazy! Just like the people who dwell in the center of the earth.

There are enough of these conspiracy theories that I could probably write 10 or 20 articles about them!

Let’s look at some examples of events or happenings that come with big conspiracy theories, and you can decide for yourself what you believe.

1. Man on the Moon?

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One of the most popular conspiracy theories out there is that the moon landing didn’t really happen. There are many out there that think the entire thing happened on a movie set.

One point they make is that the the United States was just trying to beat Russia in the space race, so it was faked in order to ensure they were first.

Some say the lack of gravity looked wrong in the videos. They also say that if you zoom in on the helmet of the astronaut, you can see the set and crew members from the production.

It was a huge event in history, but was it real?

2. 9/11 was an inside job

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The events of 9/11 were the biggest and most deadly acts of terrorism to have ever taken place in America. It changed the country and the people forever.

Nothing has been the same since that day. Air travel procedures changed, access to military installations became more difficult, and Americans felt unsafe on our home soil like we never had before.

The thing is, some are scared for a reason that is different than you might think.

A popular conspiracy theory with a large number of believers claims that the American government was in on 9/11, some even think they were solely to blame.

Thousands of Americans were killed on that day, and to think that our leaders would allow or facilitate that is unthinkable.

There are videos of small explosions happening on the second building well before the plane hit it. There is the fact that the third building, building 7, fell on its own several hours later. And there is just a lot of speculation and missing information from all of the events of that day.

There are eyewitnesses from the pentagon that say there was no plane there at all.

It’s pretty terrifying to think that any of this might be true. You don’t have to look very hard at all to find extremely compelling evidence of it, either.

3. Crop Circles

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Everyone has heard about crop circles. They are certainly hard to explain, especially for those who don’t believe in aliens.

Aliens is the most widely held explanation for the circles that just show up in fields on farms. Farmers began noticing flattened areas of vegetation in the 1980s, and when seen from above, they make definite patterns, with no tracks anywhere around them.

Many believe aliens are attempting to communicate with us through them. They argue that the marks are fitting with the way alien spaceships are portrayed as lifting off from one spot, not requiring a runway like planes do.

Some think, on the other hand, that the farmers are doing it themselves in an attempt to make the rest of us think it is aliens.

There have been movies and documentaries about the subject of crop circles. What do you think?

4. Marilyn Monroe killed by the government

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Marilyn Monroe was one of the most well known actresses in the world in the 1949s and 50s. She is so iconic that you can still find merchandise with with her likeness on it today, nearly 60 years after her death.

Most people know about her death, an apparent suicide by pills. In 1962, the world lost this bright young star, but there may have been more than meets the eye surrounding her death.

Her alleged affair with President John F. Kennedy was well known. I mean, who hasn’t heard her rendition of happy birthday Mr. President?

The fact that she was so close to the President coupled with the fact that her ex husband was a suspected communist has led to the conspiracy theory that she was killed by the government.

She was still friends with her ex, and many believed she might have been sharing government secrets with him that JFK let slip during time he was with her. Some even think the president may have been the one to order the hit, even though he was quite fond of her.

5. Slow iPhone?

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A conspiracy theory happening now is one concerning Apple’s iPhone. For years, many iPhone users have joked and speculated (including me) that their iPhones became slow and weird acting right before the next model was released.

Turns out, it isn’t all in our heads!

This theory ended up being true, as Apple has admitted to slowing down the speed of the older model phones, to encourage everyone to go out and get the newest one.

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Shocking, right? They company is currently dealing with court proceedings surrounding this controversy.

Rival companies are taking advantage of the situation to ensure potential customers that they don’t slow phones down purposefully .

I knew I wasn’t crazy!

6. JFK Assassination

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In 1963 (Nov. 22), President John F. Kennedy was killed while riding in a convertible in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas.

Lee Harvey Oswald was charged with killing the president, but many believe he was just a pawn in a plot by the United States government.

When Oswald was killed, it just fed the fire of conspiracy. It was said that the CIA killed him so their plot to kill the president would never be found out.
Many hold the belief that Oswald couldn’t have fired that many shots with the setup he had.

There is the wildly popular story about a second gunman. On a grassy knoll and all that.

Another version of the story is that the driver of the car the President and First Lady were riding in accidentally shot JFK while attempting to return fire to Oswald.

No matter what you believe, a man’s life was lost that day, and I don’t think any of us will ever know the 100% truth about it.

7. UFOs

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The argument about aliens and UFOs will likely continue on forever unless we are told definitively that they are real.

There are people all over the world who say we can’t possibly be the only intelligent beings in the universe. There are even those that study the possibility of alien life for a living.

Called ufologists, they dig deep and are attempting to find the truth surrounding the speculation and government stories about beings from other planets visiting earth.

Max Spiers was one of them. Tragically, he was found dead of supposed natural causes at the same time that he was on the edge of a breakthrough in proving UFO’s were real.

He had a feeling he was never going to be able to release his information to the public. Several days before his demise, he messaged his mother and told her that if anything happened to him, she needed to make sure it was investigated.

She has done as he asked. She has reached out to many in the conspiracy theory communities and let them know that her son was honing in on some big information when he mysteriously died.

8. Paul McCartney died?

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Paul McCartney is one of the most famous musicians in the world. He was the front man for the wildly popular and influential band, The Beatles.

Some say he died in 1966 and was replaced by a look alike, so they could continue with their success and save millions of young girls broken hearts.

The theory is that the other members of the band started to feel bad about lying about such a big thing and hid clues in their songs and album covers.

Supposedly, if the song “A Day In The Life” is played backwards, the words “he blew his mind out in a car” and “Paul is dead, miss him, miss him” can be clearly heard.

Many fans also think that the cover art for Sgt. Pepper reveals that Paul had died. The theory is that if you hold it up to a mirror, you can see the words “he die” in the drum.

Do you think The Beatles pulled off a Paul switcheroo?

9. The Mandela Effect

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There has been a lot going around about something called the Mandela effect in the last few years. Named after a collective false memory of Nelson Mandela, because when he died in 2013, people were shocked to learn that he had still been living.

It seems that the consensus is that most thought he died while imprisoned years before.

The name encompasses many things that are remembered differently than how they really are. It lends to the fact that there are actually different dimensions bleeding into each other, or that collective memory is stronger than we think.

Some of the biggest examples of the Mandela effect are head scratchers for sure. Do you remember the movie Shazaam from the 90s starring Sinbad? If you do, you’re a victim of the Mandela Effect. No such movie actually exists, but thousands of people claim to remember seeing it.

The Berenstein Bears is another example. Many remember it the way I spelled it in the previous sentence, but it’s actually Berenstain. Or so they say. Many of us have hurt our brains trying to figure this one out!

10. Crisis Actors

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With all of the tragedies that happen in the United States, there is tremendous news coverage. Some people have pointed out that it appears that the same “victims” show up at each place.

There are photos of three women at each of three separate tragedies whom the conspiracy theorists say is the same woman, specifically a crisis actor.

This woman and other crisis actors are supposedly hired to pretend to be distraught, as if they have lost someone at any mass shooting, terror attack or the like, supposedly in an effort by the government to take guns from citizens.

The same people who believe in the crisis actor story, also claim that many of these tragedies are fake setups by the government, obviously for the same purpose, to take guns away.

Conspiracy theories are plentiful and if you ever have a free day, you could totally get lost reading about all of them. They are sometimes fascinating and you might find yourself starting to think they make a lot of sense. There are some that are very obviously out there, but many more have good points and definitely give you pause.

Written by Amanda Johnson

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