Taco Makeup Is The Newest Trend And Is Taking Over Social Media

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We certainly have to thank the Internet for keeping us up to date with everything new that is happening in the world, as well as for keeping us entertained. The endless flow of new topics, challenges and trends brightens, or sometimes frightens. The things people come up with can vary from simply brilliant to plain stupid. Sometimes it’s a combination between the two.

Among the many popular things on the World Wide Web, we can definitely note the variety of make-up trends on Instagram that started to really pick-up speed last summer. The styles are countless and so are their followers. But when it comes to creativity, there are a few that stand out from the rest.

Would you believe that people willingly paint food on their faces? But the tricky part here is that it is not a random kind of food – we are talking about taco make-up! Think about it – if you love tacos, why not shout it out loud to all by painting it on your skin?

The trend sounds ridiculous at first, but some of the results are not weird at all. Considering that we all have seen some pretty idiotic things in the make-up field, this new trend is even kind of cute and fun in its own way. You could see some images when you scroll down and come to your own opinion.

It all began with a simple tweet from Taco Bell which said that they were looking for the best Taco Bell related make-up creations and suggested that anyone who wants to be noticed should use the #TacoBellMakeup hashtag. But the trend was actually inspired by make-up artist Emma Freece’s picture post, where she can be seen wearing eye shadows that perfectly matches the Taco Bell Mountain Dew Baja Blast Freeze and Taco Bell decided to answer to that. You have to admit that the company made a really unique move with the taco make-up challenge and started a trend that has never been done before.
There are two ways to look at the trend, and you will probably take a side immediately. We should have assumed that it would happen soon or later, because the eye itself is taco-shaped, so things simply fit. On the other hand, a lot of you may say that the world has simply gone nuts again. Whatever you may decide, one thing is for sure – the taco make-up trend is trying to keep a steady pace with all the other trends happening. We have yet to see if the Instagram influencers and the beauty bloggers will see this trend to grow bigger and completely take over social media.

We have prepared a few examples of the new trend, which vary in quality, and by that we mean that some are a complete disaster while the other actually turned pretty good. Blending make-up and Mexican food does not seem like the most popular idea but who are we to judge? It is up to you to decide for yourself.

The first example is as realistic as it could possibly be, and the almond shape of the eye is nothing compared to the taco eye lid:

Image Source: Instagram

The subtle colors really blend in well here, although there is no actual picture of a taco on this girl’s face:

Image Source: YouTube

These blooming colors would likely make you want to order a real taco:

test ad
Image Source: Instagram

Here’s an example of how not to follow the trend – the end result is more than a failure:

Image Source: Instagram

This attempt is more than just make-up – check out the themed outfit:

Image Source: Tacobell

An example that looks like a swollen eye rather than a taco, but it is still a part of the craze.

Image Source: Instagram

There are many other followers of the trend and they made sure to put in maximum effort to make it work. It may seem like a piece of cake (or taco), but it takes skill and patience to have the desired effect, just like any other make-up.

Whether you find it interesting or stupid, the trend is widely popular already and we have yet to see how big this will become. Even if you don’t like it, don’t worry – just go and grab a real taco, it will always the better option.

Written by Patrick Bennet

I have been working as a teacher my whole life. I love reading books.

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