A Woman Had Acid Thrown At Her Face After Her Ex ‘Lured Her To A Fake Tinder Date’

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There are many dating applications out there, and one was recently used to commit a criminal act. In this case, the application was Tinder. Twenty-nine-year-old Ellie Chessell was unfortunately attacked in The Algarve of Portugal last May. The Brit Holiday representative intended to meet a man she met on the dating app—roughly two months prior, she had broken up with a man named Claudio Gouveia.

Image Source: Daily Mail

Instead of meeting her future husband, Ellie was doused with acid. Her ex-boyfriend had allegedly lured her to the location of her attack using a dating app.

She ended up with significant and severe burns to her face, legs, arms, and stomach.

Fortunately, Ellie has more or less recovered from the attack.

When she described the attack on her person to the police, Ellie said that she initially thought the liquid was urine, as it felt warm; however, she quickly realized it was actually acid. The heat became burning. It was then that poor Ellie realized she was caught in a trap that had been set by her ex-boyfriend.

As if all of that isn’t bad enough, the woman happened to receive a threatening message while in the hospital recovering from the aforementioned attack. The person sending the message said that he looked forward to their next encounter, adding that—like she said—she’s stuck with him “forever”.

Image Source: Daily Mail

Previously, Ellie received messages from Claudio, in which he allegedly begged her to get back together with him. He wanted to start over; or as he put it: “a fresh start”. He asked if that would be better than starting over with someone else.

Ellie did not reply to that message, and that’s when things got super ugly. One message, which was sent on the 3rd of April, called her a “slut” and said she was going to die. The message said that he would find her and take off her head.

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Ellie split up with her boyfriend after a two-year-long relationship. They had been living with one another in Madeira, a Portuguese island. The breakup occurred because Claudio allegedly smashed Ellie’s head against a wall during a fight revolving around money and his jealousy issues.

Image Source: The Sun

According to court files, Claudio and a possible hitman traveled to the site of the attack on Ellie just four days before it happened. They did so for what is being described as a “recce”.

Police in Portugal were also apparently warned that Ellie was in danger a month prior to the attack.

Ellie allegedly received a threat that she would be found and would die. Even her parents allegedly got a message from Claudio. He told them that he would burn their daughter’s face. Naturally, police were contacted. Police officers were told that Claudio needed to be located in order to protect Ellie.

Also, the dating application profile that lured Ellie to the site of the attack—which was set up using the name Diogo—disappeared after Ellie was attacked.

Claudio was arrested at the end of May, and he has been in custody since. The alleged hitman in this case is currently in jail in Uganda due to heroin charges.

Ellie is back in the United Kingdom; follow-up treatment for the burns she received is required, and she is also suffering with post-traumatic stress.

According to court papers, Ellie said she had a career that she liked very much and expected to continue; however, as she put it, her career is on hold as she recovers from last spring’s attack.

Dating applications such as Tinder can be a great way to meet a love interest and/or future spouse. However, it is very important to be careful when meeting someone new that you haven’t met in person. Ellie’s story is awful, but she is not the first person who has suffered as a result of using one of the apps.

It is important to remember that there are a lot of fake profiles out there, not to mention the fact that sexual predators use the sites to find victims. Certain online dating behaviors put people at risk. It is never a good idea to meet someone alone, especially if you’ve only just met him or her. Sharing personal information also puts you at risk.

In the past four years or so, over 15 people have been raped in Manchester—and the greater Manchester area—as the unfortunate result of using two different dating apps. This is just one example of how dangerous online dating can truly be.

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Written by Kevin Barrett

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