The 10 Most Insane Arrests of Adult Film Stars

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Adult films are definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but the industry does billions in business every year. Many people hide their interest in the genre, but with websites and smartphones, these days, pornographers is available to nearly everyone, everywhere.

While we will probably never see adult film stars accepting Academy Awards, they are well known by many and respected for their work in the field. Many do work in other businesses as well. Some stay in the adult film industry, but as producers or directors. There are even some that branch off and start their own company. There is a lot of money to be made.

It’s fun to imagine that these actors and actresses run around in lingerie, ready to get wild at any time, but they are much different from their on screen personas.

Pornography runs the gamut from mild and vanilla to wild and crazy, and everything in between.

Just like the actors who portray the lovers in screen.

Many of the actors go home to normal lives at the end of the day, while others live life in the fast lane. Some raise families and move on to mainstream careers and jobs after leaving the industry, while others get into a life of drugs and debauchery. You never really can tell who is really into what if you don’t know them personally.

As you’ll see just ahead, some of these adult film stars have also committed crimes. Some pretty small, but some are real doozies. Here are 10 of the wildest arrests of porn stars.

1. Tory Lane

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Adult film actress, Lisa Piasecky, who goes by the screen name Tory Lane, has starred in a lot of adult movies and has had  contracts with several film companies.  She began her porn acting career at 20, and has won awards for her work. She won an AVN award in 2009, but since then, her life hasn’t been perfect.

She was charged with battery in January 2015 for becoming inebriated on an airplane traveling from Atlanta to L.A.  She became belligerent and allegedly assaulted flight attendants and other passengers in a severely drunken state.

She had to be physically restrained for the last hour of the flight.

Then, she attacked the police who were called in order to take her from the plane in order to arrest her. Witnesses say she was removed from the aircraft fighting every step of the way.

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2. Asia Carrera

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One of the most popular names in the porn industry is Asia Carrera. Actress, writer, and director are just a few of the things she does. She also works outside the adult film industry. Asia Carrera has starred in more than 250 adult films, and she is one of the most famous actresses in the genre.

In 2015, she ran into some troubles just like her colleague, Tory Lane. Asia was booked for drinking and driving one day after dropping her daughter off at school.

Asia wasn’t driving her vehicle when she was arrested. She walked her daughter to class, then proceeded to pass out on a couch in the school. Officers found her, smelling strongly of alcohol, and woke her up. Once she was conscious, she admitted to driving  to the school while very drunk. She tried to get away, to no avail.

Luckily, she passed out when she did, instead of while driving, potentially killing herself or others in the process. Thankfully, she didn’t injure her daughter after risking her life driving under the influence like that.

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3. Dakota Skye

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In 2017, adult film actress Dakota Skye was arrested for domestic battery in Clearwater, Florida.

She and her boyfriend ended up in an argument that escalated to domestic violence after an afternoon of lovemaking.

After the pair finished their bedroom activities, her man, Robert Anderson Jr. asked her to go home because she wouldn’t get off of her phone. She refused to leave his house.

An argument ensued and Dakota, whose real name is Lauren Kaye Scott, slapped Robert in his mouth, leaving him with a split lip.

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4. Cameron Diggs

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There are more well known female actresses in the adult film industry than men, simply because more men watch straight porn than women. That being said, there are men who certainly make a name for themselves, but not always because of their films.

Cameron Diggs, whose real name is Timothy Harper,  is a gay porn actor who is quite popular. He is actually memorable because he’s got quite a few white supremacy and neo-Nazi tattoos. Nazis are known for discriminating against minorities, including homosexuals, so it’s ironic that he acts in gay pornagraphic films.

His other job isn’t as surprising. He apparently works all day having sex on camera, and went home to run a mini drug empire.

Harper was busted for being part of a meth ring when SWAT burst into his apartment. There were a total of four people arrested. They had 3.5 pounds of methamphetamine at the residence.

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5. Jenna Jameson

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Perhaps the most famous and well known actress in the adult film industry is Jemma Jameson.

She retired from making films a decade ago, and is not the mother of twin boys. She has had troubles with illicit drugs  n the past.

She has starred in hundreds of adult films, and even some mainstream movies. She had a part in Howard Stern’s movie, “Private Parts.”

In 2013, Jenna Jameson was arrested on battery charges for an incident in California. While she was out partying in Newport Beach, she assaulted a person who then performed a citizen’s arrest. Then, a police officer was located, who booked her for battery.

She was taken to jail but later released on her own recognizance.

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6. Montana Fishburne

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Being the daughter of a famous and well respected actor affords one many opportunities in life. Sometimes they’re taken full advantage of, while other times, they are squandered. Montana Fishburne is the daughter of Laurence Fishburne. She took up quite a different sort of acting than her father.
He has disowned her for her what he refers to as her poor life choices.

She has not only made a career of doing porn, she has also had numerous brushes with the law. She has been arrested for drunk driving and also for prostitution. She got a plea deal to enter a work program after the charge for prostitution. It’s not often that you hear of someone coming from a life of privilege getting into adult films.

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7. David Maza

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This next arrest is one of the heaviest on the list. It is a bizarre story to say the least.

David Maza is a gay porn star. He and his pregnant girlfriend, Taylor Langston, plotted to kill his millionaire lover. It has all the makings of a lifetimes movie, except that it was 100% real. In 2015, the pair took David’s Texan lover to a resort in Mexico, not far from the US border.

They were seen exiting their room at separate times over their stay. Times that corroborate with the stabbing murder of Jake Merendino.

Within a few days, the body of Jake Merendino, David’s lover, was discovered on the side of a road, and the man had been nearly decapitated.

Meza had a will in his possession, supposedly written by Merendino on hotel stationary with him as the sole beneficiary of the millionaire’s fortune and estate.

Meza was caught and convicted of murder and was sentenced to life in prison, and Langston got 20 years for obstruction of justice.

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8. Marilyn Chambers

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Marilyn Chambers’ 1985 arrest probably wouldn’t happen these days, and if it did, there would be protests surrounding it.

In the middle of Marilyn’s full-frontal nudity show, she was interrupted during her performance and the San Francisco police placed her under arrest. With porn today being much more available and less taboo, it’s crazy to think of a time when adult films, live shows, or posing naked were breaking laws.

Chambers was arrested on the charge of   lewd conduct. Police officers in the audience that were off duty alleged that she let was letting men put their hands and mouths on her during the show.

She felt that as long as she wasn’t charging for the touching, it should be legal. Her lawyer said she was being used as an example to villainize the adult industry. The charges were dropped eventually.

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9. Bruno Knight

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Phillip Gizzie, known professionally as Bruno Knight, is a British gay porn star. In 2014, he was sentenced to two years in prison for attempting to smuggle drugs internationally.

He was getting ready to return to England after a weekend of partying with friends in California when a tip led  DEA agents to question him. He admitted to placing three separate containers of methamphetamine in to his anal cavity. The weight was nearly half a pound.

He apologized to the court and his lawyer said his crime was the result of his addiction, that he didn’t intend to sell the drugs. After his two years, he was also given three years of supervised probation.

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10. John Holmes

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John Holmes, the most famous male porn star in history, went by the stage name Johnny Wadd. He was well known for a certain appendage, and that helped him become famous in the adult film world.

In addition to making adult films,  he also got  into the crime, guns, pornography, and, of course, drugs in Los Angeles. At the end of his huge run in the porn industry during the 1970s, drugs had taken hold of Holmes, making his ability to perform or work by 1980 pretty much nonexistent.

He immersed himself into to small crime to make money, and feed his habits.he stuck to carjacking, burglary, and drug dealing, mostly.

Eventually, he was a person of interest, then a suspect and was arrested for the Wonderland murders. These were killings supposedly conspired drug dealer Eddie Nash.

Four souls were beat to death via a steel pipe on July 1, 1981.   John Holmes, who passed away with AIDS in 1988, was definitely involved in the murders in some way, but , details as to how are unclear.

Whether you are a connoisseur of the adult film industry, a casual observer or you would never, you’ve probably heard of at least a few movies or stars from that world.

It stands to reason though, that even the biggest fan of pornographic  films wouldn’t be likely to follow the actors outside of the movies.

It’s sometimes hard to think of any celebrity, in porn or otherwise having a life outside of their work. Most people probably never think about them getting into trouble in their personal lives much less committing crimes.

Some of the stories above aren’t remarkable at all, pretty mundane stuff that can happen to anyone. Some are pretty crazy and we have to hope that these adult film stars can recover from them and go back on the straight and narrow. So to speak.

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Written by Amanda Johnson

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