An Online Troll Who Claimed He Could Beat Up Any Female MMA Fighter Got His Ass Kicked

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Kristopher Zylinski was either trying to make a point (an erroneous one, though) or just get attention for himself when he posted a Facebook status that was truly controversial. The guy that claimed that he couldn’t be beat up by a woman—specifically, he said he could take on even female MMA fighters.

For those unaware, MMA refers to mixed martial arts, which is a full contact sport. It combines techniques from martial arts and also other combat sports. Fighters fight in a cage or a ring.

Kristopher argued that 99 percent of women lack the reflexes and strength needed to do damage to 99 percent of men. He said that even if women are trained fighters, they don’t have the strength or size to do the holds required.

Naturally, the internet didn’t really appreciate Kristopher’s opinion.

Image Source: Facebook

Kristopher also added that it is dangerous to teach a woman to try to fight or strike at a man, adding that he’s not going to hit a woman with closed fists unless she’s attacking him.

He said that he would be more than happy to engage in an MMA fight with a woman. As he put it, he was “down”. However, he insisted on money if he won and also apologies from those who doubted him.

McDojoLife, an MMA Facebook page, was positively thrilled to set Kristopher up with an opponent. They offered any professional 160-pound female fighter one thousand dollars to spar with him. They also offered to pay for the hotel and airfare.

Unsurprisingly, lot of women offered to fight him; the offers came in, and Kristopher was set up to fight a woman by the name of Tara LaRosa, an American mixed martial artist and also a grappler.

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There were plans to livestream the fight on Facebook; however, those plans were trashed because police said the fight was considered illegal by the state of Florida’s athletic commission.

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The fight did happen, though, later and in an unknown location. Footage was uploaded on January 22 of this year.
Kristopher lost the fight. There are more colorful ways of putting it, but that sums it up quite nicely. He was simply proven wrong. You can watch the video, if you like the idea of watching a troll get precisely what he deserves.

Kristopher was forced to tap out, ending the fight. He was clearly no match for Tara LaRosa.

Kristopher said LaRosa won the fight as a result of better “conditioning”.

Naturally, social media users commented on the video of the fight. One user, who goes by Darryl, called Kristopher “mouthy”, adding that he was a lot more reserved “when push came to shove”.

Another user named Jeremy said that he was glad LaRosa won, adding that her dojo training clearly beat the training he received via watching videos on YouTube. Still, as he pointed out, Kristopher protected his ego until the “bitter end”.
Forty-year-old Tara LaRosa is a pretty impressive person. For 13 years now, she has fought professionally; she has competed in top competitions and faced big MMA names, such as Shayna Baszler and Alexis Davis. She has actually lived in eight cities in order to be able to study at different gyms. In December of 2013, she was inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame for Mixed Martial Arts.

She was even an instructor in modern army combat. She lost a boyfriend to an improvised explosive device in 2007; he was a Sergeant First Class and worked as an engineer, serving in Iraq.

She’s even survived hypothermia, having experienced a life-threatening situation while attempting to go on a 70-mile hike in western Pennsylvania. Thanks to a weather front, there was a severe drop in temperature.

Clearly, she’s a tough woman. She’s won several MMA awards and championships. The idea that a social media comedian could beat her in a fight is a sort of silly one, and you have to wonder if Kristopher didn’t “challenge” her simply in order to get a bit of publicity.

MMA is actually considered by many to be the world’s fastest growing sport. It is a new sport, so that sort of makes sense; however, amongst certain age groups (males between 18 and 34, specifically), the sport is extremely popular—more so than hockey in certain places. It is definitely becoming more mainstream, and there are a lot of reasons why it is growing in popularity, including gambling and social media. Kristopher’s stunt may end up in the sport gaining even more fans.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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