The Russian Woman Who Left Her Baby Starve To Death Is Jailed For 6 Years

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A teenaged mother has been found guilty of allowing her nine-month-old baby boy to starve to death while she was out “partying” for a week.

The mother’s name is Viktoria Kuznetsova, of Rostov, Russia, and she is currently 17 years of age. She was allegedly emotionless in court at the time her sentence was read; the court had apparently heard that she had plans to kill her little boy Egor when she started college. She will be jailed for six years.

Image Source: VK.COM

As small children tend to do, the boy kept his mother up at night and also prevented her from going out with her friends.

Egor’s father was called for military service, and Viktoria apparently put the baby in a stroller and locked the door. She then went out to see her friends. She spent a week with her friends, staying in their college dorms. During that time, young Egor starved to death.

She allegedly did return to her home, but only to give her dog water.

Image Source: VK.COM

The judge in the case said that the cause of the young boy’s death was dehydration and starvation. When the little tyke was found inside the home of his mother, he had already passed on. His eyes, however, were wide open as a result of the terror he had experienced.

Investigators say Egor was just “skin and bones”. An autopsy demonstrated that his internal organs had shut down—one after another—due to a lack of water and food.

Image Source: VK.COM

The baby’s little body was already rotting when investigators found their way into the teenaged mother’s bedroom. She reportedly showed no signs of remorse or even seemed to care what might happen to her.
Social media users have already responded to the news, and they’re not too happy with the lenient sentence imposed upon the teenaged Viktoria.

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One Twitter user said Viktoria is an “evil human being”, adding that her little son’s last days were probably torture. The Twitter user then asked why an innocent baby would deserve that, and then stated that Viktoria should not be allowed more children and deserves a “tougher sentence”. The user ended with #Evil.

According to reports, Viktoria tried to give Egor to an orphanage when he was just a month old. Curiously, he was returned.

The husband in this case, who is clearly heartbroken, is apparently seeking a divorce. When the child was left at home by Viktoria, she claimed that little Egor was being looked after by an aunt.

Another Twitter user stated that only six years for what Viktoria did is a “joke”.

She was also called a monster, not a mother. Mothers, as the social media users say, wouldn’t do that to their children. One person suggested she should be sterilized. Another said she’s not even a human being.

Apparently, the teenaged mother posted that “everything is ok” on Facebook just one day before she abandoned her son. She then posted about hanging out with someone and dying her hair black.

Neighbors became suspicious regarding the lie that Egor was being cared for by an aunt, and they called the police. Upon their arrival, Viktoria confessed that she didn’t want to care for her baby.

It is easy to judge Viktoria, and the courts have done so; she is being punished. She is far from the first woman to kill her child, however, and sadly won’t be the last.

Consider the case of Diane Downs. In 1983, she showed up at an emergency room with her children—who were soaked in blood. She had a bullet wound in her forearm and claimed to have been carjacked and shot. It eventually came out that she shot and killed her own daughter, who was only seven years of age.

One of the more famous cases is that of Andrea Yates, who claimed that Satan convinced her to murder all five of her children in 2001. According to her, she did so to “save them from Hell”. That’s what she told the police and psychiatrists, anyway.

There are probably dozens of reasons why women kill their own children, and the deaths of young lives are always tragic. However, there is a very serious condition that can lead a woman to take the life of her child, and that’s called postpartum psychosis.

We’ve all heard about postpartum depression—which is a serious condition to be sure—but postpartum psychosis is even more serious. Considered a rare psychiatric emergency, women experiencing it can experience mania, paranoid, hallucinations, and delusions. It begins suddenly in the weeks after childbirth, and recovery can take weeks or years.
Roughly 50 percent of women who experience it don’t have any risk factors associated with the condition.

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