10 ‘Mothers’ Who Took Other Women’s Babies

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It is no secret that some women will do anything to have a baby. They spend thousands of dollars on treatments to help them become pregnant. They go through classes and spend so much money to be able to adopt. They inject themselves with medication to help them be more fertile or to be able to hold on to a pregnancy.

Sometimes, they can’t have a baby on their own, or for some reason, they want somebody else’s kid. This is when the unthinkable happens.

Some women become so obsessed with having a child of their own that they do horrible things. They murder. They kidnap. They walk into a hospital and take a baby out of the arms of a sleeping mother.

Children are snatched from mothers in public places. Sometimes babies are stolen from hospitals. And in rare cases, a woman is killed for the sole purpose of cutting her unborn child out of her womb so another can take it for their own.

Things like this are a mother’s worst nightmare.

You won’t believe some of these stories about women who have stolen other women’s babies and passed them off as their own.

They are very chilling stories, enough to terrify any parent in the world. Read ahead at your own risk.

1. Lisa Montgomery

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Becky Harper went to check on her pregnant daughter on December 16, 2004 after her daughter had failed to pick her up from work. She arrived at the apartment to find her daughter’s dead body, cut open and her baby missing from her womb.

Bobbie Jo Stinnett was believed to have been killed by a woman named Darlene Fischer. Fischer had called to arrange a meeting at Harper’s home to see some rat terriers that Becky was selling.

After finding no record of a Darlene Fischer, it was believed that it was a fake name. It was. The killer’s actual name was Lisa Montgomery.

She had been faking a pregnancy.

Being that there were no photos since the child was still in utero there was some trouble getting an amber alert going for the baby. It was done after a call was made to Sam Graves, a congressman.

Finally, tips came in that implicated Montgomery. She was captured in her house. She was holding the baby and watching the amber alert on tv when police arrived.

She was convicted for her crimes and sentenced to death.

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2. Ashleigh Wade

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Ashleigh Wade lured her friend Angelique Sutton to her home on November 20, 2015 with the promise of a wedding gift. Sutton was on her way to the courthouse to marry her fiancé, Patrick Bradley, when she made the pit stop.

When Angelique got to her friend’s home, Ashleigh slit her throat, then cut her stomach open and took her unborn baby out of her body.

She then called Andrew Praylow, her boyfriend and told him she gave birth to his child. He came home right away after being told that he had a new baby and that his girlfriend had killed someone.

He found a bloody apartment when he arrived. He then saw Sutton’s dead body. He took the newborn outside to wait for law enforcement to arrive. The baby had two cuts, one on each thigh.

Wade said the baby was hers until she finally confessed to her crime of stealing the baby from Angelique Sutton.

Praylow believed Wade was pregnant when she said she was because her stomach had become larger.

Ward was no stranger to pretending to have a baby. She had done the same thing in 2013, claiming the baby died a few days later.

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3. Korena Roberts

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Korena Roberts called her boyfriend Yan Shubin and told him she was in labor. When he arrived home, the baby had arrived but didn’t live. An ambulance came for her and the baby where the baby was confirmed to be dead.

They also discovered that Korena had not had a baby at all.

The police were called and upon searching Roberts’ house, a dead woman was found. Heather Snivley had been murdered and her unborn baby was taken by Korena.

Roberts found her victim on Craigslist. Snivley was there to buy some baby clothes when She was murdered and had her baby taken.

Korena put Snivley in a crawl space covered with carpet and then proceeded her labor charade. Heather was two months away from her due date, it had already named her little boy John Steven.

He didn’t survive long enough for even a breath of air.

Korena had been perpetuating a lie about expecting twins for months. She had been stocking up her home with parenting magazines, baby formula and even a stroller to help her credibility.

She was found guilty of murder and more and was sentenced to a life sentence in prison with no chance of parole.

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4. Georgia Tann

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Georgia Tann didn’t just steal one baby, she stole hundreds. She took over 500 babies from their mothers and sold them on the black market from 1924 to 1950.

She ran a huge baby selling ring, preying on young mothers and poor couples. She would be there to lend a helping hand for a sick baby. She would take them from the parents and later tell them that the baby had died, despite her best efforts.

She sometimes placed ads for young single moms to call her and she would take their babies and tell them they were dead as well. She would tell poor parents they the state would bury their child. She would also read obituaries and look for moms who had left babies and young children.

She used the front of the Tennessee Children’s Home Society to obtains some of her victims as well. She was an evil woman who profited off of people causing them the worst pain a parent can feel, to lose a child.

Many of the babies ended up dying after she got a hold of them, because she didn’t care for them properly while waiting for buyers.

Ric Flair, the world famous wrestler, was one of the babies she stole and sold to a rich family on the black market. He said he never thought about finding his birth parents or knowing about them until he was writing his biography.

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5. Gloria Williams

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Alexis Manigo was 18 years old when it was found out that she was actually the victim of a kidnapping. Her mother was actually not her mother.

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By some accounts, Alexis had actually known for over a year, but didn’t want her mom, the woman who raised her to get in trouble. It must have been so confusing for the girl.

In 1998, Gloria pretended to be a nurse and took an 8 hour old infant from the hospital. The baby was Kamiyah Mobley before Gloria renamed her Alexis Manigo.

The abduction took place in Jacksonville, Florida. The entire city was on alert and a chopper was even used to search the hospital grounds. There were numerous tips about the taken baby, but she was never found.

Her real mother kept a slice of cake from each of her baby’s 18 birthdays in the freezer, because she said she always knew her daughter would be found one day.

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6. Erika Jisela Miranda-Alvarez

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Just last year, in December 2017, Carolina Flores was murdered in her Houston home by Erika Jisela Miranda-Alvarez. Miranda-Alvarez stabbed Flores and then abducted her baby, Shamali, who was just six weeks old.

Erika had been pregnant herself before she suffered a miscarriage. She was due with her baby in January. After she lost her baby, she told no one, not even her boyfriend.

They were tracked down, along with the boyfriend around one in the morning the same night.

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7. Anonymous Woman

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Zephany Nurse was abducted from a hospital in South Africa, as her napping mother held her in her arms. People saw a woman who looked like a nurse around the same time.

Years later, Zephany and her biological sister were attending the same school. Some of the children noticed that they looked very much alike, and DNA verified that the girls were, in fact, sisters.

The name of the woman has been kept secret to protect the girl, and she denied having taken the baby. She had been raising her under a different name.

She insisted that after suffering a miscarriage, she was in the market to adopt and she says after paying a woman to help her, she brought Zephany to her.

The anonymous lady never revealed to her husband that she had lost their baby, so he thought Zephany was his actual child.

The judge on the case didn’t buy her story for one second and found the woman guilty of kidnapping.

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8. Linda Carty

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Three men and Linda Carty broke into Joana Rodriguez’s house to abduct her newborn baby, just three days old.

Others in the home were assaulted by these intruders and tied up. Joana was also tied up, and placed in the trunk of their car, and she died by suffocation.

Linda Carty was Joana’s neighbor, and was found to be one of the perpetrators. She denied any involvement in the murder and kidnapping.

It was assumed that Carty did this because she had miscarried many times. She was given the death penalty, and the three men will serve jail time as well.

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9. Aline Roberts Fagundes

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An 18 year old girl in Brazil, Gabrielle Barcelos Silva, was murdered and her unborn child was cut from her womb by 38 year old Aline Roberts Fagundes.

Aline had Silva come to her house and put tranquilizers in a drink to cause her to pass out.

Then, she cut her abdomen open and took the young girl’s baby. She then smeared a bit of Silva’s blood on herself and phoned for help. She told them that she gave birth in the street.

Fagundes and the baby were picked up by ambulance and taken to a local hospital. The staff became suspicious that Fagundes didn’t give birth to the baby and called the authorities.

Fagundes‘ son, who was 14, found Silva’s body in the blood covered house when he arrived home, called the police as well. He told them what he found, and they quickly put two and two together.

Fagundes said she was afraid her lover would leave her if she had a miscarriage. She claimed he knew about her plans to murder and abduct a child, but he insisted he had no knowledge of her nefarious plans.

The infant was thankfully unharmed.

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10. Sydnee Toulapapa and Nadene Faye Manukau-Togiavalu

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August 9, 2017 was a bad day in Epsom, which is a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. Two women, 21 year old Nadene Faye Manuku-Togiavalu and 19 year old Sydnee Toulapapa entered a house to kidnap a week and a half old baby.

Manuku-Togiavalu has been feigning a pregnancy using props in the months before the abduction, even throwing a baby shower and accepting gifts in anticipation of the impending birth.

Eighty law enforcement officers were dispatched to find the missing infant. Six hours later, they did.

The two women were arrested for burglary and kidnapping.

These stories are horrific and nothing any mother should ever have to experience. No families deserve to be torn apart and traumatized by villains who think it’s ok to murder innocent women and take their precious babies.

As a mother, this has always been one of my greatest fears, and I’m sure I’m not alone. Our hearts go out to anyone who has ever been through something this horrific.

The perpetrators of these terrible crimes deserve to rot away in prison for the rest of their lives for the things they did.

Thankfully, most of the babies were returned to their parents. I can’t imagine the fear and despair these mothers felt as they realized what was happening to them, or as they waited for their baby to be returned to them.

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Written by Amanda Johnson

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