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Top 10 Most Dangerous Hackers In The World

4. The Aurora Hackers

This entry onto the list isn’t a single hacker, but a group called the Aurora Hackers. In 2009, they targeted 34 major corporations in a massive international hack. Some of the companies were Google and Yahoo.

It is rumored that they are a part of China’s Elderwood Gang of Hackers, from Beijing. It is believed that Shanghai’s PLA Unit-61398 was involved as well.

Google first noticed that they had been hacked, and when it was all said and done, it seemed they were after code only, not personal information. It was later found out that some gmail accounts had been hacked, too.

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5. Adrian Lamo

Adrian Lamo was called “the Homeless Hacker” due to the fact that he did his hacking all while technically homeless. He was couch-surfing some, and at times he was living in hostels.

He is deeply religious, to the point that he won even give blood samples. He has Asperger’s Syndrome. He seems to be a bit troubled, to the point someone put a restraining order out on him.

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He was convicted of hacking the New York Times website to add himself to the expert database. His sentence was 6 months house arrest with his parents. He also had to pay a fine.

He caused some drama in the hacking community by exposing a WikiLeaks contributor right after donating to the whistleblowing website.

He exposed Bradley Manning, a soldier leaking confidential military files. Kevin Paulson supported Lamo’s actions, and Lamo still insists that Manning was dangerous. He believes this with all of his being, and as far as anyone knows, he remains in hiding from moving to this day. He feels he will come to exact revenge at some point.

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6. Robert Tappan Morris

In 1988, Robert Tappan Morris released a worm in an effort to measure the size of the Internet. He was at Cornell University, and his “morris worm” virus is believed to have impacted 6,000 computers.

Even though he had no ill intentions, his worm was a death proof and kept putting it self and places it didn’t belong. This led to him being the first person that is under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

After completing his community service and paying his fines, he started many companies having to do with computing.

7. Cody Kretsinger

Cody Kretsinger was a part of the Sony Playststion hack I’m 2011, and was convicted of it in 2013.

His nickname in the hacker community is “Recursion.”

The hacker group that he is a part of is called LulzSec, and they are accused of being immature and hacking for no reason. They don’t do it for financial gain, as evidenced by the fact that they obtained the info of 77 million people and no identities were stolen.

Cody served just one year in prison for his crime. Many of the LulzSec group are hacking to this day.

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Written by Amanda Johnson

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