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Top 13 Of The Most Internet Famous Parents Of 2018

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Parenting is not only the best transforming and life changing experience, but it is also a time when you question your sanity almost every day. If you have ever wondered if the situations you experience with your kids are something that can happen only to you and nobody else, you better check our list of 10+ parents who became a viral sensation by doing what every parent is doing. They were just brave enough to share it on social media and to show everyone that you are definitely not alone. And most importantly – that you are doing it right, no matter what someone might say.

1. The flight attendant who actually nursed a passenger’s baby

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When you are a mother, your instincts kick in every time you sense or hear that your child is in need of something. In Patrisha Organo’s case it was not her child who needed her at that moment. Organo is a crew member of the Philippines Airlines and was currently scheduled on a check flight when she heard an infant crying. She approached the mother and asked her if everything was okay, but the woman answered in tears that she is out of formula, which makes it impossible for her to feed her baby. Patrisha who has a 9-month-old daughter, knew right away that she needed to do something. Since there was no formula milk on board, she decided to offer to breastfeed the passenger’s baby. The mother was so sincerely grateful for Organo’s generous gesture and also relieved. The picture of Patrisha nursing the baby went viral and has been shared more than 22 000 times.

2. The mother who shut down the mommy-shamers

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Kelsea King, a mother of two, shared on Facebook her thoughts about motherhood and mommy-shamers. King quoted one of her close friends Alee Zering, who pointed out every single paradox in the modern motherhood. From the fact that breastfeeding in public is still considered offensive, but giving your baby formula milk is frowned upon to the prejudice that being a mother means that you are giving up your dreams or career, but at the second you put your child in childcare and go back to work you are automatically blamed that you are missing out on all of the important things. At the end, Kelsea stated that mom-shamers are the worst and such a behavior needs to stop. Her post has been shared over 36 000 times and it is still a topic a lot of people are talking about.

4. This mom experienced unexpected kindness from a stranger

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Kelsey Zwick, the mother of baby Lucy, who was born prematurely and needed an oxygen machine, found out that there is still good in the world in the most heartwarming way. Zwick and her daughter were on a flight to Philadelphia where they had to visit the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. In her Facebook post, Kelsey explained that Lucy is actually a twin, but her babies were born prematurely and Lucy had to spend 100 days in the NICU, while her twin sister stayed there for 86 days. Because of that Lucy developed chronic lung disease and needs regular treatments. Apparently, one of the passengers on the plane saw Zwick while she was pushing a stroller, holding a diaper bag and lugging an oxygen machine for her baby and decided to help her feel a little better. The stranger offered her his first class seat so she and Lucy can enjoy their flight and be more comfortable. We definitely need more people like this man!

5. First time away from Dad for so long

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Homecoming is always touching, but this reunion between a father and his son shows everything. The 53-year-old Matt Cobrink, who has Down syndrome, got the opportunity to see his favorite baseball player. In order for that to happen, he needed to fly from California to New York City, where he stayed at his sister’s house. as that Matt had never been away from his Dad for so long. The two have an incredibly strong bond and everyone was sure that Matt would miss his father way too much. That is why Matt’s other sister, Marcy, knew she should record their emotional reunion, just to show how closely attached the two men are. The video that went viral and you can see that Matt could not wait to cover his Dad with kisses and show him how happy he iwa to finally see him again. The heartwarming reunion was shared on Facebook where it received millions of views and positive feedbacks.

6. The stand-in mother

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A mother from Oklahoma named Sara Cunningham took to Facebook to make an unusual proposition. From her profile on the social media she wrote that she is willing to attend a same sex wedding as a stand-in mom, for those whose biological mothers will not. Sara wrote “Call me. I am there. I will be your biggest fan. I will even bring the bubbles.” The reasons behind her decisions are not one or two. She explained that it was difficult for her at first to accept her son’s homosexuality due to the fact that she believed in God and her family came from a very conservative community. However, Cunningham overcame all of these things and even attended two pride parades, where she had the chance to hear heartbreaking stories from all kind of people.

7. Father of the year

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We all know that the bond between a father and his son is amazing and hard to explain. The one that Charles Brockman and his dad are sharing is yet another example of that. Charles’s story went viral after he shared a collage of him and his father, which showed his first day at kindergarten and the moment he was accepted in college. Brockman took the chance to express his gratitude towards his dad for always being there at every first day of school to the first day of college and the picture warmed the hearts of many for a reason.

8. Hardworking dad surprises his daughter

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Ricky Smith is a hard-working father who works three jobs so he can be able to support his family. His 14-year-old daughter had an 8th grade dance event coming up and needed the perfect dress for the occasion. Unfortunately, the one she found was almost 200 dollars and her parents could not afford it. Luckily for her, there were two things she did not know at the time. The first is that she has an amazing father and the second one – her amazing father was going to work extra hours just to put a smile on her face. Ricky surprised his daughter with the dream dress and the video that captured the moment went viral in no time. Smith’s generosity shows that once you are a father you can go above and beyond to make your children happy and see them smiling.

9. This artist mom who draws what it is like being a parent

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We love relatable comics more than everything and honestly there might not be anything better when you want to see something amusing. Probably one of the funniest comics is the one that uses a bittersweet sense of humor to show what parenting really is. Paula Kuka is an artist and a mother. She draws great comics about motherhood and how your life changes once you have kids, as well as the stereotypes society has for mothers. She also offers some helpful solutions to the “mom hair” situations.

10. If Chrissy Teigen is not in this list, who else

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Count on Chrissy Teigen to show you the unfiltered reality of motherhood. The model took to Instagram to share a photo of herself and her son, wearing a head-shaping helmet. Teigen has always been open about her pregnancies and being a mom of two, so why stop now? She asked everyone not to feel bad about her son and prompted other parents to use head-shaping helmets as well.

11. A winter message for mom-shamers

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A week ago one Reddit user published the reason behind her decision not tо put a coat on her baby. The mother explained that the new car seat manual avidly warned parents about allowing their kids to ride in a car seat while wearing a coat. Since every parent knows how difficult and nerve-racking is to get the children out of the house and in the car, then out of the car again and into another place, Mindy asked people to stop judging. In the end she added that it is important for everyone to keep their kids warm but to keep their sanity as parents, too.

12. These parents who inspired their daughter with Michele Obama

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There is absolutely no denying that the former First Lady Michelle Obama is a strong role model for the children, so it shouldn’t be surprising that this 8-year-old girl wanted to recreate Obama’s iconic look from her student years. We won’t lie – Ella-Lorraine Brown totally nailed it! For her school’s Cultural Heroes Day, the young student dressed exactly as Michelle Obama when she was around the girl’s age. Ella’s parents admit that their daughter is really inspired and looking up to the former First Lady all the time. The student truly admires Michelle’s accomplishments and why wouldn’t she? Michelle Obama is the perfect example of a classy woman who can do it all.

13. This amazing father who campaigns for baby changing tables in men’s toilets

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Donte Palmer is an amazing father who started the #SquatForChange campaign after having to deal with changing his son’s diapers in the men’s toilet not once or twice. Palmer wrote that fathers are parents, too and just like mothers they take care of their children as well. The main difficulty was the lack of baby changing facilities in the men’s restrooms, which means numerous fathers end up struggling to change their kid’s diaper. Not surprisingly at all Donte received a lot of support from all around the world. Many fathers also shared pictures showing their own struggle and techniques on changing diapers with no changing table in sight. The parenting blogger Jamie Day shared that in a perfect world he’d prefer to see changing facilities in unisex space or at least a fold-down table and honestly we couldn’t agree more!

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