Top 15 People Who Quit Their Jobs Like A Boss And Nailed It

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Most of us have to work for a living. If we’re lucky, we find a job we love and that makes us feel fulfilled and happy.

One that we would never leave voluntarily. Sometimes, though, it comes time to part with a job or career that isn’t making us feel warm and fuzzy anymore.

Maybe you have an offer for more money somewhere else. Maybe you didn’t feel you were valued enough where you worked. Perhaps you are one who requires more stimulation than your present employment offers.

No matter the reason, people quit jobs every day for a myriad of reasons. They don’t all make sense to anyone in the outside looking in, but we have to let others live their lives, right?

If it comes down to the wire. How will you do it? The possibilities are apparently endless!

You can fill out the necessary paperwork, or write a letter to indicate you are giving two weeks notice, and you move on to the next, hopefully better, thing! Right?

I mean, you just can’t stay at a job you don’t like. You can’t work for people who don’t value your work. You have to leave if you feel unfulfilled. There is just no way around it.

You don’t have to do it in the traditional way, though. Especially if you aren’t worried about a letter of recommendation.

There are those that leave jobs with a bit more panache than your average Joe. Let’s take a look at a few of them here.

1. Let them eat cake!

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When your talents for cakes and the decorating of them far exceed whatever it is you do at your job, it’s clearly time to go. Especially if you’ve expanded your family and need more free time to watch your kids grow.

This man found himself in this situation, and wrote his resignation letter on a cake. I can’t handle writing two words on a cake, much less an entire letter! That’s pretty awesome!

I will never understand how he wrote such small text on a cake, but I guess that’s why he quit to pursue making cakes in the first place. He’s obviously very talented at it!

2. Homer Simpson

Image Source: TUMBLR

One guy decided to use Homer Simpson is his announcement to quit his job. He printed out a photo of Homer shouting “WOOHOO” with the last date he’d be coming in written on it.

This might seem childish to some, but who are we to judge? We don’t know if he was in a good work environment often not.

I wonder if his boss found the humor in it or not?

3. The death of a salesman?

Image Source: Reddit

Maybe this Todd guy wasn’t a salesman, but he could have been. He opted for a strange way to let his boss know he was taking off for greener pastures.

He passed along a sorry for your loss card, and inside was a note saying the loss was him and his employment there. At least he gave an extra week.

I can’t imagine the boss found the card to be very amusing at all.

4. Clever Remembrance Gift

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A lot of times, people leave a job because they hate it, but other times, it’s just time to pursue a different passion or calling.

In cases like this, a gift to the boss who has been good to you is a nice gesture. One man gave his boss a bottle of Jack Daniels with a specially made label. It states that the five years with the company were awesome. Better than a letter giving two weeks notice, for sure.

The boss just might have needed the liquor to drown his sorrows after losing such a kind and thoughtful employee.

5. A fitting end

Image Source: Reddit

If you feel like you have been treated like crap at your job, it only makes sense that you would choose a type of paper that is indicative of that.

One guy wrote his resignation letter on some toilet paper. He said he did it as a symbol of how the company treated him, and his opinion. He also said he thought the company was going to the toilet, so the paper was appropriate.


He even drew a toilet on the paper. Pretty funny, but I hope he had something else lined up!

If word gets around that he is this harsh when he leaves a job, it might make a manager think twice!

6. A sign of the times

Image Source: TUMBLR

When you are the guy, or girl, in charge of changing out the sign out in front of a business, you can make quitting even more fun.

Make sure you have your stuff packed and ready to go, so you don’t get fired before the boss knows you quit!

A gutsy move for sure. What if the boss is looking out the window? What if one of his friends drives by and calls to tell him about it?

This person kept it simple. They say it blows and they quit. Simple. Concise. See ya!


7. Computer bug

Image Source: Reddit

If you are unappreciative of your graphic designers or anyone working for you in your company, they might just leave a nice surprise pop up for you when they decide to quit.

test ad

This guy had enough and let it be known when he made his departure. It even includes a curse word!

I imagine it wasn’t as easy as making a phone call to get this situation rectified, either. Pretty Savage, IT guy.

8. Moving on…up?

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes you want to be like this guy, trading one lucrative career for another. Although it’s quite a feat to be successful at either one of these professions.

Especially if you’re starting out on the amateur site. You have to rack up quite a few views to be monetized. Most people are nearly as desirable as they think they are!

9. Cookie cutter

Image Source: Twitter

We have already seen a resignation letter on a cake, so it is only natural that we include cookies as well.

One girl posted on Instagram some photos of cookies decorated by her mother when she was leaving her job.

It isn’t clear as to which profession she’s leaving, but she’s pretty adept at cookie design.

The delicious looking cookies include phrases letting them know her work is done and the short and sweet ‘I quit.’

10. Speaking of short and sweet…

Image Source: Reddit

When this person was refused their last paycheck without a letter of resignation, they produced one.

What kind of petty Patty thinks it’s ok to withhold someone’s earned money? That’s just crazy talk. Nonetheless, they got their letter.

Two words. I quit. That counts, right?

11. Burger drama

Image Source: Reddit

Another case of quitting by sign happened when an employee of Wendy’s let Greg, who I assume is the manager, know that they would no longer be employed there.

That might seem like more trouble than it’s worth. It’s not as easy as it looks to change those high signs out.

Whatever floats your boat and all hat, right?

Does that count as being better than just not showing up?

I’d say yes!

12. PSA and resignation all in one

Image Source: Reddit

This employee was attacked by another worker who was inebriated at the time, and no action was taken.

A note was written telling of the incident, and the fact that the lazy boss won’t open.
Therefore, the business was left unmanned.

I wonder how long it was before a guest called the manager to let them know their front desk was unattended.

That’s what they get for allowing assaults to happen on the job.

13. Double trouble

Image Source: Reddit

Another cake entry! This time, there are two of them.

Two employees decided to quit, so one wrote ‘I quit’ on a cake. The other wrote ‘me too!’

I guess if you’re going to leave your boss hanging, the least you can do is leave a tasty treat behind.

Did they stay long enough to enjoy a piece, though? Surely so!

14. Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Image Source: TUMBLR

I wonder if there is an actual tally of how many people have quit their jobs by utilizing the signs.

This guy said the boss can do it from now on! He was outta there!

What was the sign supposed to be changed to that day?

15. Hidden pictures

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes, you leave, but you don’t want to be forgotten. That’s when you leave silly photos all around the office.

This guy did, and they are being found two years later!

Make sure they are tucked out of sight so they’re still being found years later.

Inside the smoke detector is a good one. Odd that he’s holding two light bulbs and wearing shades.

Maybe that was his way of saying his future is so bright! I just showed my age with that one, didn’t I?

That’s pretty epic.

These are some unorthodox ways to leave a job but they sure were fun to read about! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like these at any job I’ve ever had, and I sure haven’t thought to do it like that when I left a place of employment.

Now I will always be on the lookout for anything like these every time I go anywhere!

Written by Amanda Johnson

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