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Top 9 Unsolved Mysteries That May Never Be Solved

7. The Flannan Isles Lighthouse

Located off of the west coast of Scotland, the Flannan Isles Lighthouse is notable because its keepers disappeared in 1900, roughly a year its construction was finished.

A steamer traveling from Philadelphia to an area north of Edinburg, Scotland noted that the lighthouse’s light wasn’t operational despite poor weather conditions at the time. The lighthouse was found to be abandoned by those who would go to investigate why it was not operational. The bodies of the three men who were supposed to be staffing the lighthouse have never been recovered.

There are various theories regarding what happened to the staff of the lighthouse. Even alien abduction has been suggested as the cause of the men going missing. A more likely possibility is that one of the men was drowning, and the other two then perished trying to save his life.

The disappearance of the crew has captured the attention of many. For example, the rock band Genesis wrote a song about the incident. Decades after it was first composed, The Mystery of Flannan Isle Lighthouse was released in 1998.
Now well over a century since the lighthouse crew disappeared, it seems unlikely that mystery surrounding the men who disappeared will ever be solved.

The lighthouse is currently operational, having been automated in 1971. A helipad was even built so that it could be maintained even during horrific weather conditions.

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8. Tamam Shud

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When translated from Persian, Tamam Shud means ‘finished’ or ‘ended’. In late 1948, the body of a man—his life most definitely finished—was found on a beach in Adelaide, South Australia. The Persian phrase was found on a scrap of paper found in the deceased’s trousers. It had been torn from a book of poetry.

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as Scotland Yard attempted to assist South Australian Police identify the dead body; sadly, however, the identity of the man is currently unknown.

The case continues to be interesting to many just because it has been suggested the dead man may have been a spy. In addition, years after it was buried, flowers began appearing on the grave of the unknown man. A woman leaving the cemetery was questioned, but she insisted that she knew nothing of the mysterious, unknown man.

It is believed that the man found on the beach was killed by the poison known as digitalis.

Almost 70 years after the body was found, chances are slim-to-none that the mystery surrounding identity of the deceased will ever be solved. Most of the man’s DNA has been unintentionally destroyed over the years, making identification practically impossible.

Regardless, however, the South Australia Police have kept the case open and will reportedly investigate new leads.

9. The Oakville Blobs

Oakville, Washington experienced a strange storm on the 7th of August in 1994 at about three in the morning. Curiously, it wasn’t water coming from the sky; instead, it was a gelatinous substance. It has been described as “mushy” and “Jell-O like”.

In the coming weeks, it would fall five more times over a 20 square-mile area.

Many area residents became ill after being exposed to the blobs, and domestic pets ended up dying. Allegedly, everyone in town contracted an illness that resembled the flu. The illness lasted for months.

So what was the substance that rained from the sky? To this day, no one really knows. It has been theorized that naval bombings 50 miles away caused jellyfish parts to be sent into the atmosphere, and then those parts ended up landing in Oakville. The Air Force has confirmed they were performing practice bombing runs in the area at that time; naturally, however, the Air Force denies being in any way responsible for the gelatinous substance that ended up all over Oakville.
As there’s nothing left of the substance to be tested, it is likely that we’ll never know exactly what rained upon Oakville back in 1994.

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Written by Kevin Barrett

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