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Top 9 Unsolved Mysteries That May Never Be Solved

4. Gareth Williams’ death

In late August of 2010, the body of Welsh mathematician named Gareth Williams was found in London. An employee of the United Kingdom’s Government Communications Headquarters, Williams’ body was found in a safe house flat. His naked remains were found decomposing in a bag made by the United States-based outdoor product company The North Face. Williams had likely been killed about a week prior to his being found.

His death was initially believed to be unnatural, possibly murder; later, it was ruled an accident. There weren’t any injuries on his body, nor were there signs he had been involved in a struggle.

That said, Williams’ work was top secret—he had worked with agents from the United States Federal Bureau of Investigations as well as the National Security Agency. He had also visited several bondage websites prior to his death.
A former KGB agent has claimed that Williams was murdered because he knew the identity of a Russian spy. Allegedly, there was an attempt to blackmail him into becoming a double agent for Russia. It has been suggested that he was murdered via an untraceable poison that was inserted into his ear. Nothing can be proven, however, and Williams’ death will likely forever remain a mystery.

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5. Madeleine McCann’s disappearance

During a vacation to Portugal, three-year-old Madeleine McCann disappeared on the 3rd of May of 2007. Her parents as well as friends of her parents were dining at a restaurant located only 160 feet away. Her twin siblings were also in the apartment from which she vanished. The children were checked on regularly.

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Madeleine, a native of Leicester, England who was born in 2003, is described as having blonde hair and blue-green eyes. Initially believed to have been abducted, her parents were later suspected of murdering her for a while. Allegations against the parents were made on social media, and the case generated international interest. Notably, a man carrying a child was also reported by a friend of the McCann’s on the night of Madeleine’s disappearance.

British police ended up working with those from Portugal, and it was determined that there was no evidence to link Madeleine’s disappearance to her disappearance.

The bottom line is that Madeleine’s whereabouts remain a mystery. The case remains open and Scotland Yard is still investigating, but as time goes on it seems less and less likely that we’ll ever know exactly what happened to the little girl. Despite the fact a significant amount of money is being offered for information leading to finding her, Madeleine has been missing for over 10 years.

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6. The Jane Doe of Fond du Lac County

In late November of 2008, a frozen body was found in a creek in Wisconsin’s Fond du Lac County. The creek was located near an abandoned farm. The body, which had been decomposing long enough that the remains couldn’t be easily identified, had to be chiseled out of the frozen creek. She is now known as The Jane Doe of Fond du Lac County.

The extremely decomposed body was, for a while, believed to be that of a teenaged girl named Amanda Berry. Berry had disappeared in April of 2003, and her case was actually featured in an episode of America’s Most Wanted. Berry was actually found alive in 2013. She had been abducted by Ariel Castro, who held her—and two others—captive in his home in Cleveland, Ohio. In 2006, while imprisoned by Castro, she gave birth to a daughter; Castro was proven to be the biological father.

While things sort of worked out for Berry, her having turned out to be alive doesn’t help the Jane Doe of Fond du Lac County. All we really know for sure is that “Jane” was between 15 and 21 when she died, and she was wearing clothes purchased from the retailer Family Dollar in 2008 or so.

While Jane Doe was found in the autumn, she had actually died in the summer; her body had been decomposing for at least two months, possibly as long as four.

Jane Doe is believed to be either Caucasian or Hispanic, although it is possible that she is Asian or Native American. Artist renderings and digital reconstructions offer an idea what she might have looked like while alive, but they haven’t been terribly useful in regard to identifying who she was.

At one point during the investigation into Jane Doe’s death, she was believed to be two other women; however, both were eventually located. The case is cold as of 2011, and we might never know who Jane Doe was in life.

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Written by Kevin Barrett

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