Twins Undergo Plastic Surgery Procedures Totaling $20,000 In Order To Look Like Brad Pitt

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Famous and inspiring people will always have a wide circle of followers and fans, no doubt about that. Among these idols and stars, are some who always stand out – those who are loved and adored by almost everybody. One of those people is undoubtedly Brat Pitt. For about two decades the actor has been one of the most popular faces in the whole world, and he has been the center of attention not only for his acting skills, but for his flawless appearance as well. Brad Pitt is one of the most beautiful people Hollywood has ever seen, and receives well-deserved love and recognition by many. According to most of his dedicated fans, he becomes even more attractive as years go by. He even has his own full-scale wax figure in Madame Tussauds museum in London.

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Naturally, the attempts to copy some things about him is very normal, as superstars often become role models – his haircut, styling and even the way he talks are emulated a lot . Some people do not limit themselves to those things and want to literally duplicate him in every physical aspect. This is closer to reality than it was years ago. Nowadays, plastic surgery procedures are something very common and affordable for even the average guy. The times when cosmetic surgery corrections were considered a luxury that were accessible only by those of higher social status have passed. More and more people have the courage and the opportunity to change their appearance than ever before. 

Arizona residents Mike and Matt Schlepp, identical twin brothers, decided to change their lives for good. They wanted to alter their appearance to become as close to looking like Brad Pitt as possible, and paid a heavy price to go that route, and I do mean more than money. Not only did they spend $20,000 for all the procedures, but they also had to go through months of recovery, causing them a lot of pain and difficulties during the process. At one point they even had trouble eating, but the goal kept them moving forward and they knew they had to endure and see it through. 

Apparently, it is not only Brad Pitt gets this kind of attention, as there are even more extreme cases of people trying to duplicate the looks of their idol. Among the most shocking of them are the real-life versions of Barbie and Ken, which many find a bit controversial. Before the treatment, there were probably people that mocked them, but they aren’t laughing now. This is a choice that everyone must make for themselves, and in reality the goal doesn’t have to necessarily be to look like someone in particular. The desire to improve your life has to be the leading motive in such situations. Looking like a handsome movie star would definitely be a bonus, though. 

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Image Source: MTV

The surgical procedures and methods the brothers had done included implants in their cheeks and chin, restructuring of the nose and more than forty porcelain veneers in total for the two of them. The biomaterials used for implants are created with a special plastic, which is also used to replace damaged parts of the body. The process includes testing the materials to determine their compatibility with the patient.

The twins knew they had to cope with a lot of pain and discomfort, but in the end, their desire to improve their lives was bigger and more important, and their lives did actually change. The whole journey of 21-year old Mike and Matt has been shown by MTV in the I Want A Famous Face reality series, and the boys received wide recognition for their decision. 

Matt claimed that he did not regret any of this for even a second. Quite the opposite, really. He said he would choose the same over and over again every time. He thinks it was all worth it, and he is especially happy with the way girls look at him. Apparently he enjoys how he becomes the center of attention when he walks into a room. He mentioned that he witnessed a drastic change in the behavior of his past girlfriends, who couldn’t help but stare continuously and sometimes even cry. His twin brother Mike could not agree more and said that he never thought that these changes could make him this happy.

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When you look at the two boys, it is clear that they are not exactly Brad Pitt doppelgangers, despite all the surgeries they went under, but this is not the point here. The corrections gave them a huge confidence boost and they simply became much happier than before and enjoy life like never before. The boys look completely transformed when compared to their old look and it seems, they are proud of themselves. The future seems bright for those two and with the newly achieved self-confidence they will do great. 

What is really curious is that in the recent weeks, at almost the same time as the two brothers’ story, a similar one emerged about a girl trying to look like Angelina Jolie, Pitt’s partner in life for quite some time. The young woman reportedly went into surgery more than fifty times, but her reasons, as well as the outcome, are completely different and very controversial, to say the least. 

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