Winklevoss Twins Became The First Bitcoin Billionaires In The World

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As you probably already know, the recent rise in bitcoin value is remarkable – the cryptocurrency has topped $10,000. This means that a few people have already become the first billionaires from bitcoin in
vestments in history. Among the few names that almost certainly achieved this are Cameron Winklevoss and his twin brother Tyler. They were able to reach this level after investing as much as eleven million dollars in bitcoins a few years back.

Their story is well presented in “The Social Network” movie.

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Nobody knows for sure the amount of bitcoins that the two siblings own together, but it is estimated that the probable number is about 100,000, and that automatically means they are worth more than a billion dollars in total. The brothers, who became famous due to their arguments with Mark Zuckerberg, which have even been shown in “The Social Network” movie, have successfully launched an online-based exchange capital fund for bitcoins.

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Cameron Winklevoss was pretty specific, when in 2015 he stated that he and his brother do not sell bitcoins and they never had before. He also said their strategy is a long-term one. If they did actually stick to that principle until now, it is likely that they are very pleased with their business decision.

There was some news claiming that not long after bitcoin passed $10,000 in value, CME was ready to start trading with futures in digital assets, which is something new for them, as they have never done it before. It is likely that all cryptocurrencies will rise in value in the near future, because the amount of people getting involved and investing is constantly growing.

The explanation of the stages in bitcoin’s rise in value may be lying in one of the most popular theories about this, which suggests that the first significant growth of the cryptocurrency – when it passed the $1,000 mark, it was actually on the involved technologists’ account, because at this moment the entry mark was set up pretty high. For the past three years, the investors decided to get involved in the technology and that pushed the value even more, reaching $10,000. In theory, there will be a third stage, but it would have to include a wide portion of people. Such involvement is expected to push the bitcoin value to completely new levels and the predictions suggest that it may jump ten times its current value.

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