“Stranger Things” Star David Harbour Got Pretty Jacked Up For “Hellboy”

“Stranger Things” features many memorable characters, such as Eleven, brought to life by the English actress and model Millie Bobby Brown, for which she became prominent world-famous. Of course, we just have to mention Steve’s ridiculous and messy haircut as well. However, truth is that with episodes following one after another, we have to admit that the one who it is all definitely about is no other than Chief Hopper.

Upon seeing his character, representing a grumpy cop, who is constantly smoking, one is left with the impression that if someone tries to mess with him and, even worse, get him pissed, that someone would likely end up being knocked down in a blink of an eye. Nevertheless, this is only one side of him; a part of this giant is actually gentle, and probably this is one of the reasons the actor behind the character, David Harbour, got really excited that he will play a role which needed him to jack up big time.

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David Harbour is an American actor who began to rise after he participated in several Broadway plays, and he is known for a few other movie roles, before he took on the character of Chief Hopper.

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Harbour will take Ron Perlman’s place and play the role of the human/demon hybrid in “Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen”, which is quite a leap forward from the role of the typical small community cop, and it also meant that the actor had to put in a ton of work to bulk himself up.

It is clear that he is not a regular in any gym, not to mention that since the last time he was in a proper shape and actually felt fit, there has been quite a while.

As Harbour admitted himself, when interview for the official website of his trainer, he had always been chubby when he grew up, and he got in shape no sooner than his first play, which was soon after he graduated from college, but he let himself go again after that.

Since that time, when he was in his 26th year, he never really went training persistently in a gym.
Harbour is 42 years old now, and is probably among the brightest examples that it can never be too late for a change, and even more. However, it was clear for him that he would not make it on his own, so he turned to one of Hollywood’s most renowned training specialists, Don Saladino, whose client portfolio is as impressive as they can get, as some of the names in it include Blake Lively, Live, Schreiber, Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds.

Saladino set up a “Hellboy Boot Camp” especially for Harbour, because he needed to change dramatically fast for his new role, and that meant 10 weeks of heavy weights, dumbbells, medicine balls and much, much more.


In the above mentioned interview Harbour talks about how special Don Saladino is, not only as a professional trainer, but as a personality, as well. According to the actor, Saladino is able to bring a creative approach to training regimes, which transforms the process from being scary and boring to actually a pleasant routine. The trainer clearly uses thoroughly researched and one of a kind methods. It is good to take on such a challenge and have fun in the process, as Harbour says.

Truth is, the training regime sounds harsh, but it looks like it worked well for the actor – his transformation from the hero of a small town to a real superhero is amazing and we are anxious for the movie to be released and enjoy the action!

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