Ford Is Suing John Cena For Reselling His $500,000 GT Sports Car

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Being a world-famous athlete, wrestler and actor, superstar John Cena certainly is among the people who can benefit from their status and also have a ton of advantages. Except the generous amounts of money they receive from sponsors, there are also special deal with a marketing aspect, which are considered a win-win situation – one side gets to enjoy the benefits and the other gets higher sales volumes. However, sometimes things do not go smoothly in this kind of relationships.

The world-famous 16-times WWE champion John Cena, formerly nicknamed “The Prototype”, has the misfortune having a lawsuit against him, filed on behalf of Ford Motor Company, which claims that Cena sold the fairly expensive and exclusive sports car he received, violating the preliminary agreement he had signed with the company’s representatives.

If we follow Ford’s side of the story, a brand new 2017-model Ford GT had been purchased by Cena, but allegedly he sold the car not long after he had it physically delivered to him. As stated, this was not allowed due to his contract terms, which included that Cena had to own the car for at least 24 months, but not only he did not keep it for that period, but he also made a “considerable profit” from selling it.

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The lawsuit has been filed in Michigan’s federal court on Thursday. Ford Motor Company has stated that every single unit of their GT model, which costs more than a whopping $450,000 each, is reserved for “clients with a strong desire to own something truly special” and for “those who are willing to take the responsibility of being able to influence others and promote the model, as well as Ford as a brand.”

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Ford Motor Company has also stated that Cena himself ordered the car by filling the application need in order for someone to purchase a GT, and he also agreed to keep the ownership of the cars for the next 24 months. Allegedly this did not happen, on the contrary – Cena had the vehicle delivered to him in the last days of September, and after two or three weeks passed, he sold the car.

The value of Ford’s damage after this contract violation is estimated to be about $75,000.

However, after contacting Cena, Ford Motor Company says that he admitted that the sale of the car is true. He told the company representatives that he fully understands the situations and will do everything necessary to make things right. He also apologized sincerely.

The lawsuit became a fact anyway, because, according to Ford, John Cena has failed to make things right to date, and not only did he not tried to return the car into his possession in order to fulfill the contract terms, but he also kept the profit he made from the sale.

Ford Motor Company representatives claim that they did not only suffer significant financial damages, but they have also lost more than 23 months of brand positioning and value, as well the potential ambassadorship that Cena would have played out easily just by keeping the ownership of the GT for the obligatory period, stated in the contract.

WWE has yet to comment on this case.

The lawsuit compensations’ amount is unspecified to date, and it includes a return of Cena’ profit from the sale, if all allegations of contract breach and fraud are being taken into account and ruled.

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